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Technical Presentations

Industry leaders and innovators will provide their latest solutions that speak to the high-tech requirements and production processes necessary to secure banknotes for today… and the future.

Arjowiggins Security

How Can the Efficiency of Security Features be Leveraged by the Substrate?

Arjowiggins Security Fernand Garcia de Cruz, Director of Marketing

In the battle against counterfeiters the security features incorporated into the banknotes have a central role to play. In particular, level 1 security features are the first barrier of protection as they can be easily identified and authenticated by the general public. The new generation of state-of-the art security features is more visible and more sophisticated. The role played by security features in authenticating banknotes throughout their useful life is therefore more crucial than ever. This presentation will discuss how the efficiency of security features can be leveraged by the substrate.

Authentix Logo

The Common Detector Interface 2 – What’s in It for Me?

Authentix | Presenter to be announced

An increasing number of Central Banks are realizing the benefits of disaggregating their supply chain to obtain best in breed currency management solutions. The establishment of the Common Detector Interface 2 (CDI2) standard will drive innovation by increasing the number of suppliers with banknote processing solutions. We will discuss specific benefits that the new standard can provide from both a supplier and a Central Bank point of view.

CCL Secure Logo

Disruptive Innovation - Driving Change in the Banknote Industry?

CCL Secure | Presenter to be announced

Thirty years ago the team in Australia that launched the first polymer banknote understood and set out to create a revolution. Others in the industry have tried to imitate the benefits of Guardian to varying degrees of success. For the Central Bank it is undoubtedly true that Guardian has changed the industry, bringing innovation and choice. Our presentation topic explores the benefits that disruption has created for customers and goes on to explain how that journey continues and is about to accelerate.

Crane Currency Logo

The Latest Advancements in Level 1 Features

Crane Currency | Presenter to be announced

The creation of distinctive and fluid movement effects using moiré magnification has long been known. Adapting a centuries-old optical system as a banknote feature with a thickness approximating 30 um required specialized expertise and equipment. This presentation will present the research and development efforts of Crane Currency and its industry partners in developing a new micro-optic feature technology, MOTION SURFACE®, that allows moiré magnification to be further reduced in scale for application to the banknote surface, providing the banknote designer with a new class of optically variable effects. Crane will also present the results of a public perception study conducted on the visual effect of MOTION SURFACE®.

DCA Logo

Next Level Process Quality and Efficiency Through Seamless Screen Printing and Digital Imaging /Pre-Press

Dutch Currency Association (DCA)  | Rob Hermkens, Sales Manager (SPGPrints)

SPGPrints is a member of the Dutch Currency Association and will present their unique technologies for and around rotary screen printing. The presentation will demonstrate how their portfolio of rotary screens and tools for pre-press enables the banknote printing industry to further improve printing quality and efficiency. Historically, security features that are screen printed have been processed with a traditional analog pre-press process. Now this process can be easily optimized with technology that will increase overall performance for banknote printers, while also improving the image quality.

De La Rue logo

The Top 5 Changes in Banknotes in the Next 5 Years – Data Driven and Evidence Based Decisions in Design, Security Features, Substrate and Printing 

De La Rue | Presenter to be announced

De La Rue will use anonymous aggregated data and experience gained from relationships with over 50 central banks to show what is working and not working in countries. 

  • Should central banks be switching to durable substrates or polymer? 
  • If so which denominations, in what order and over what time horizon? 
  • Which combinations of security features work better than others? 
  • How evidence influences design and design influences manufacture. 
  • How evidence influences feature choice, feature choice influences design and manufacture.
  • How printing will evolve in the future.

G+D Currency Technology Logo

Cash Is King, Security Is Queen: Managing Currencies for a World in Transition

G+D Currency Technology | Wolfram Seidemann, CEO

Cash is King, Security is Queen. To achieve this goal the currency industry must understand the fundamental principle that security and strategy are interdependent for a world in transition. So how can we provide and shape security in an ever-changing environment, and how do we create
confidence in currencies and global payment transactions? In this presentation, Dr. Wolfram Seidemann will provide a viewpoint on what kind of security consumers really do need in a world of rapid change, and which strategies provide the right answers for changing societies and their quest for confidence.

KBA-NotaSys logo

Continuous Improvement of Production Processes–How to Increase Efficiency of High-End Technologies

KBA-NotaSys | Presenter to be announced.

Abstract to be announced.

Komori Logo

Currency OnDemand – Introducing Banknoteology

Komori | Phil Holland, Area Sales Director

Central banks, central bank printing works and private banknote printers are looking to become more efficient and competitive, whilst providing improved quality and security of their printed products. How can this be done, how can the level of ‘Up Time’ be improved and what techniques can ensure consistency throughout manufacturing and production processes? The measurement and capture of production data is essential to analyze the work flow and ensure maximum output. This is Currency OnDemand. This presentation introduces Banknoteology which raises Currency OnDemand to a new level, utilizing techniques, knowledge and experience to address issues and changes. When implemented it will have a tremendous effect on costs and how we manufacture banknotes.

KURZ logo

Applied Features – From the Innovative to the Essential

Leonhard KURZ Stiftung & CO. KG | Peter Mühlfelder, Head of Business Area Security, Sales and Marketing Banknotes, Managing Director OVD Kinegram AG

Foil-based and surface-applied security features have evolved into an essential component of banknotes. Among these, window foils are a mega trend – but to date, many central banks and banknote printers have been excluded from the use of window foils. KURZ ends this limitation with a revolutionary application method, allowing banknote printers to create window features for paper banknotes on site. KURZ’s new technology also removes mechanical barriers in the surface application of other cutting-edge security features, and elements deemed technically impossible are now available. This game-changing innovation is raising the barriers against counterfeiting, and is fully industrialized and ready to use.

Landqart logo

Title to be Announced

Landqart | Presenter to be announced

Abstract to be announced.

Oberthur Fiduciaire Logo

Laser Cutting in Paper – A New Threshold In Banknote Security

Oberthur Fiduciaire | Xavier Borde, Head of Research and Development

While all-digital communication and Artificial Intelligence seem to be our only future, in numerous fields this is far from becoming an immediate reality. The banknote industry is one such field, but it does not reject change; rather, it brings high technologies to the service of Central Banks and the public alike. This is why Oberthur Fiduciaire, through its subsidiary VHP Security Paper, develops self-verifying banknote features comprising a transparent through window. Several concepts are investigated to offer interactive experiences to whomever would like to authenticate banknotes in his possession.

Orell Fuessli Logo

Applied Features: From a Printer, Designer, & User’s Perspective

Orell Füssli Security Printing Ltd. | Dieter Sauter, Managing Director

Orell Füssli Security Printing is always a step ahead with regards to new developments in the banknote industry. OFS recently supported KURZ in the industrialization of their innovative window feature development. This presentation will provide insight into this innovation from a printer’s perspective and we will share our perspective on best practice of feature integration. We will examine the challenges faced and solutions put in place, the process steps during implementation, the benefits of this approach for Central Banks, Printers and Designers, and the integration into banknote design. This innovation offers more flexibility and allows integration of new security features on functional windows.


Traceability Data Collected Automatically in Banknote Production – Analytics

PARVIS | Paolo Salgari, Head of Sales

Banknote production involves an intense handling of sheets during a complex production cycle. This complexity is either due to the number of production steps or to the auxiliary off-line activities performed to control and document the process. Tracing sheets and banknotes is extremely important and at times even mandatory, involving all elements used to produce a specific lot of banknotes. This capability can be expanded to automatically collect quality control reports and other information linked to production data, making them available for further analysis. This presentation will illustrate the concepts behind products traceability in a banknote production environment, the best methodologies for implementation, and possible benefits of data assessment using modern analytics methodologies.

Security Fibres UK

Nothing to See Here: Who Needs Level 2 Features?

Security Fibres UK | Gary Spinks, Owner

Level 2 features are a vital component of the banknote but do not receive the same attention as public features. However, Level 2 features can give the issuing authority the opportunity to increase security in the banknote without competing for ‘real estate’ on the faces of the note. Some of these covert features can also be recognized easily by the public or cash handlers and the prevalence of inexpensive UV torches have led to a resurgence in interest in UV fluorescent features. Level 2 features can thus give increased security, better perceived security and user engagement.


Inscribing the Development of Innovative Technological Platforms Within a Perennial and Responsible Framework

SICPA | Presenter to be announced

The raison d’être of the banknote industry is to develop and deliver solutions that address evolving market needs. At SICPA, the R&D of technological platforms continually progresses in a clearly defined direction, aiming at cash cycle security, efficiency and durability. Decades of R&D on security ink technologies have resulted in the innovation and optimization of levels 1 and 2 security on most modern banknotes. Since 2014, with the integration of STA Technologies, SICPA extends its global security offerings to marker solutions. A new generation of covert material technologies and forensic taggants, developed using state-of-the-art manufacturing platforms, addresses to central banks’ needs for customized security and exclusivity.

SURYS logo

Nano-Technology on Banknotes: From Science to the Industrial Reality of the Filipino Piso

SURYS | Hugues Souparis, President and Founder

From its first usage on ID documents to the introduction on banknotes, the DID™ has pioneered the use of nano-technologies to create a unique, exceptionally easy to catch and extremely robust visual effect. In six years, five billion 500 and 1000 Piso pieces were produced by the BSP and four private security printers who applied the DID™ patch on four different high-speed application machines. SURYS will share the inside story of this serially award-winning technology, the industrial experience, the outcomes of five years in circulation of the feature, and the keys of its success.

Se proveerá traducción simultánea, del Inglés al español durante las Sesiones Generales. 

We will again offer simultaneous translation from English to Spanish during the General Sessions.