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Themes and Topics

The Banknote Conference Advisory Committee has identified key themes and panel discussion topics that will help harmonize industry awareness on key technological issues and encourage positive dialogue for the benefit of the industry.

Day 1 | The Counterfeiting Threat Environment

Panel Discussion

Counterfeiting Trends – Who, What and How 

Counterfeiting specialists from around the world will share research, statistics, techniques, tools, MOs, and distribution methods to understand the threat environment we work in. Central Banks will participate by sharing their interesting research and experiences.

Days 2 & 3 | Evolution of Printing, Feature, and Substrate Development

Panel Discussion 

Resiliency Testing and Adversarial Analysis: Methodologies and Efficiencies

Central banks and feature suppliers will share their methodologies and perspective on feature resiliency testing. How—and can—the industry work together for greater efficiencies and possible standardization? 

Panel Discussion 

Are Level 1 Security Features Doing Their Jobs?

Central bankers and suppliers will share their views on the effectiveness of Level 1 features and how the industry can get the most out of these features. New ideas will be shared for inspiring public involvement. Could banknotes still serve their purpose without Level 1 features? Perception studies will be shared to provide more insight on the topic. 

Day 3 | The Cash Handling Environment of the Future

Panel Discussion

The Cash Cycle Today and in the Future: Challenges and Opportunities  

BEMs (Banknote Equipment Manufacturers), central banks, and other cash stakeholders will take the stage and discuss their perspectives on the cash cycle of today and what it might look like 10 years down the road. How is the proliferation of automation in the cash cycle affecting production decisions? What is the possible influence of BEMs on future banknote production?  

Panel Discussion 

Sensor Development and How is it Evolving?   

At the very core of banknote verification are the sensors. How are central bank requirements changing and how might the evolution of features and data capture influence sensor development? As banknotes become more sophisticated do sensors become more customized? The progress of CDI2 as a gateway for third parties to enter the market, effectively separating machine/transport from sensor development, will also be discussed. Central banks and industry suppliers will discuss these general needs, issues, and longer term trends. 

Day 4 | Emerging Technologies and the Future of Banknotes

Panel Discussion 

Industry Awareness: Alternative Payment Technologies

The newest payment technologies that could have an impact on the use of banknotes will be reviewed. Central banks will discuss their work and research into digital cash and representatives from alternative payment technology companies will share their ideas. How can this insight inform banknote production decisions in the future? 

Se proveerá traducción simultánea, del Inglés al español durante las Sesiones Generales. We will again offer simultaneous translation from English to Spanish during the General Session presentations.

Presentation Highlights from the last conference, Banknote 2016

The list of confirmed presentations will be available closer to the Banknote 2018, so please check back regularly. We hope you find the links below helpful for either refreshing your memory of previous presentations or as a useful tool for anticipating the presentation quality of Banknote 2018.

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