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Our reputation as a premier technical banknote conference is a direct result of our thoughtfully planned presentation lineup. From highly technical presentations announcing innovative security features to enforcement agencies sharing best practices in the fight against counterfeit money, our thought-provoking agenda will be packed with best-in-class knowledge and expertise.

We will again offer simultaneous translation from English to Spanish during the General Session presentations. Se proveerá traducción simultánea, del Inglés al español durante las Sesiones Generales.


Presentation Highlights from the last conference, Banknote 2016

A list of planned and confirmed presentations will be available closer to the conference, so please check back regularly. We hope you find the links below helpful for either refreshing your memory of previous presentations or as a useful tool for anticipating the presentation quality of Banknote 2018.

To view the agenda from Banknote 2016, please click here>>>

To view presentation synopses from Banknote 2016, please click here>>>

Presentation Submissions for Banknote 2018 are now welcome

Banknote Conference Advisory Committee   |   Benefits of Presenting   |   Conference Topics   |   Schedule

We invite Central Banks, Government Security printers, and sponsoring firms to submit papers to be considered for presentation at Banknote 2018 in Dallas, Texas. In order to maintain the high quality of the Banknote Conference and the program, the organizers have established a review process to select the most interesting and relevant presentations to be included in the final program. The process and calendar are detailed below.

Banknote Conference Advisory Committee (BCAC)

The Banknote Conference has established the Banknote Conference Advisory Committee comprised of current and former senior executives from the private sector, central banks, and government printers. The BCAC will review the submitted proposed presentations and help formulate the final program for the conference. The BCAC will also provide feedback to the proposing organizations on possible changes and or additions to their presentations.

Benefits of Presenting

Why leaders in the industry present at the Banknote Conference...

  • Position themselves as thought leaders and innovators in the international currency community
  • Share important research findings and experiences that can benefit others in the industry
  • Help shape standards and best practices that impact the industry now and in the future
  • Expand their contacts and knowledge base by meeting other Presenters and increasing personal exposure within the industry
  • Appreciate the unique opportunity and rewarding experience that presenting to 600+ Currency Industry leaders from 70+ countries affords.

We are pleased to extend the lowest registration rate to all the presenters to thank them for sharing their time and insight with the delegates.

Conference Topics

The Banknote Conference is “the definitive forum on emerging trends and leading technologies in the banknote industry”. Therefore, the proposed presentations should focus on new and improve technologies or innovative uses of existing technologies within the following areas of the banknote industry:

  • Banknote Design
  • Security Features
  • Durability
  • Adversarial Analysis
  • Ease of Use Features (e.g. features for the blind)
  • All phases of Banknote Production
  • Quality - Production and/or during Circulation
  • Issuing
  • Sorting/Processing
  • Destruction


We request that submissions be submitted before September 29, 2017.

The BCAC will review the submissions and inform those that are accepted. We expect to receive many submissions and fill the agenda quickly. Please remember that submission review is completed on a first come first serve basis. So, while early submission does not guarantee acceptance, we encourage early submission to help the probability of acceptance.

Requirements: A one-page (maximum of 500 words) synopsis of the proposed presentation is to be submitted to Drusilla Blakey, Conference Director, by September 29, 2017. The synopsis should include a description of how the subject advances some area of banknote technology. The CAC will review the proposed presentations and may request clarification and/or additional information on the proposals.

By January 31, 2018 the BCAC and Conference leadership will finalize the conference program and notify all proposing organizations/presenters on the status of their submissions.

February – March, 2018 – The CAC will review draft presentations and provide feedback.

April 15, 2018 – Final presentations must be submitted.