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Banknote Conference Advisory Committee

Currency Research (CR) believes strongly in delivering the best—and most balanced—program for our delegates. To further this mission, we acknowledge and thank the members of our Banknote Conference Advisory Committee (BCAC), comprised of CR leadership alongside industry leaders from both the government and private sectors.

Together, the BCAC provides insight, ideas and suggestions to help CR deliver excellence for all participants and to ensure the conference focus and program remains interesting, engaging and relevant. The BCAC offers input about the overall program structure and timing; topics, presentations and panel discussions; and miscellaneous planning items for the conference which may include areas such as activities, location and venue.


Marci Chavez Photo Tim Driscoll Larry Felix Photo Dan Harrison Photo
Marci Chavez
Currency Research
Tim Driscoll
VP & GM,
Currency & Tax Stamp 
Larry Felix
Banknote 2018

Dan Harrison
VP of Operations
Currency Research


Arie Piet Photo Richard Wall Photo Lydia Yip Photo
Arie Piet
Deputy Director
National Bank of Belgium
Richard Wall
Managing Director,
Currency Department 
Bank of Canada
Lydia Yip
Head of Currency Division
Hong Kong Monetary Authority