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Banknote 2018 panel topics and discussions are designed to harmonize industry awareness on key technological issues and encourage positive dialogue for the benefit of the industry.

Welcome from Doug Pertz, The Brink's Company

Banknote 2018 is delighted that Doug Pertz, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Brink’s Company, will open the conference with the welcoming address. Doug has led several global companies as CEO over the past 20 years. Throughout his career, he has consistently achieved success in driving operational excellence and revenue and profit growth. Doug will discuss changes in cash management and what they could mean to the banknote industry.

Doug Pertz

President and Chief Executive Officer
The Brink's Company

The Counterfeiting Threat Environment

Counterfeiting Trends – Who, What and How

Before we can discuss the solutions to make more secure banknotes, we must first understand the threats. What features and programs are effective and what aspects of deterrence could we be improving upon? Central Banks and counterfeiting specialists from around the world will share their perspective and research along with some insights on the counterfeiting techniques, tools and distribution methods to help understand the threat environment we work in and how crucial it is that we continue to innovate.

Additional panelists to be announced.

Larry Felix, Moderator

Chairman Banknote 2018

Fabrice Capiez

R&D Project Manager, Banknote Manufacturing Department
Banque De France

Ton Roos

Director General, Directorate Banknotes
European Central Bank

Marc Surrency

Manager, Banknote Planning and Quality Control, Reserve Bank Operations and Payment Systems
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

The Evolution of Printing, Feature, and Substrate Development

Resiliency Testing & Adversarial Analysis: Methodologies and Efficiencies

Resiliency testing is a fairly new concept in the development process of banknote security features. Many central banks have begun conducting their own adversarial analysis on features they consider for their banknotes to better understand how effective the features will be at thwarting would-be counterfeiters. This panel will help explain this new frontier: What are the typical procedures of a feature supplier and what are the methodologies of a central bank? Can there be efficiencies gained from redundant testing? Can and should there be standardization around the testing? Central banks and feature suppliers will share their methodologies and perspectives. Moderator and additional panelists to be announced.

Michael Lambert

Michael Lambert, Moderator

Associate Director, Division of Reserve Bank Operations and Payment Systems
Board of Governors of the
Federal Reserve System
Alejandro Alegre

Alejandro Alegre

Director General, Currency Issuance
Banco de México

Panelist to be Announced

Jean-Michel Grimal

Head of Division, Currency Development
European Central Bank

Nick Pearson

Senior Currency Technologist
Crane Currency

Are Level 1 Security Features Doing Their Jobs?

Central banks spend a lot of money researching, incorporating, and educating the public about level one security features. Yet, time and time again surveys show that the public is hardly aware of these features. Are we wasting time and money? Central bankers and suppliers will share their views on the effectiveness of Level 1 features and how the industry can get the most out of these features. New ideas will be shared for inspiring public awareness. Could banknotes be as secure, or even more secure, without Level 1 features? Perception studies, public opinion polls, and security feature research will be shared to provide more insight on the topic. Additional panelists to be announced.

Shaun Ferrari, Moderator

Managing Director, Americas & Caribbean
Currency Research

Jan Binnekamp

Head of Cash Policy
De Nederlandsche Bank

Lior Lichtman

Head of Issuance Division, Currency Department
Bank of Israel

S K Maheshwari

Managing Director
Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran (BRBNMPL)

The Cash Handling Environment of the Future

The Cash Cycle Today and in the Future: Challenges and Opportunities

The key cash stakeholders, BEMs (Banknote Equipment Manufacturers), cash management companies, technology providers and central banks will take the stage and discuss their perspectives on the cash cycle of today and what it might look like 10 years down the road. How is the proliferation of automation in the cash cycle and the challenges and opportunities this presents, affecting currency distribution decisions for the future? How will the role of central banks, BEM’s and banknotes producers change as note acceptance and evaluation technology with greatly enhanced functionality and connectivity becomes ubiquitous throughout the cash cycle?

Richard Wall, Moderator

Chief Cashier
Bank of Canada

Mike Bielamowicz

Executive Vice President and Director of Global Solutions
Glory Global Solutions

Anikó Bódi-Schubert

Magyar Nemzeti Bank

Dragan Djenadija

Global Operations Manager
Loomis AB

Brian Hayr

Head of PolyTeQ Services
CCL Secure

Robert Morrow

Research Engineer
Crane Payment Innovations

Sensor Development and How is it Evolving?

At the very core of banknote verification are the sensors. How are central bank requirements changing and how might the evolution of features and data capture influence sensor development? As banknotes become more sophisticated do sensors become more customized? The progress of CDI2 as a gateway for third parties to enter the market, effectively separating machine/transport from sensor development, will also be discussed. Central banks and industry suppliers will discuss these general needs, issues, and longer-term trends.

Roland Costa, Moderator

Senior Vice President
Currency Technology Office
& Cash Product Office
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

Michael Andersen

Head of Note Issue
Reserve Bank of Australia

Tim Driscoll

Vice President and General Manager of Currency and Tax Stamp

Christian Juettner

Group Vice President
G+D Currency Technology

Andreas Vrabl

Head of Center for Vision, Automation & Control
Austrian Institute of Technology

Darren Wick

Operations & Supply Chain Director
Cash Processing Solutions (CPS)

Emerging Technologies and the Future of Banknotes

Industry Awareness: Alternative Payment Technologies

Innovation in payments and digital currency are accelerating at breakneck speed. What impact are these emerging payment technologies having on consumer behavior? The panel will review some of the critical issues surrounding these newest technologies and help contextualize their potential as well as the impact they may be having on banknote usage. Central banks will discuss their perspective and share their research into digital currency deployment, while representatives from alternative payment technology entities will share their views and strategies in the payment space. Additional panelists to be announced.

Gonzalo Santamaria

Vice President, Payments
Currency Research

Victoria Cleland

Director for Banknotes and Chief Cashier
Bank of England

Lydia Yip

Head of Currency and Settlement Division
Hong Kong Monetary Authority