Banknote Conference Logo

Banknote 2018 Logo Contest

When Currency Research became the new organizer of the Banknote Conference in 2015, we invited the Primary Sponsors to engage in the Conference in a new way—as designers of the conference logo. The Primary Sponsors offer a wealth of design talent, given their long traditions and associations with banknote design. We received wonderful submissions for both the Banknote 2016 contest (winner: De La Rue) and the contest for Banknote 2018.

And the winner of the Banknote 2018 Logo Design Contest is...

Komori Currency Solutions!

Banknote 2018 Logo

The logo incorporates a stylized outline of the Dallas skyline—a nod to the location of the conference for 2018, since it's the first time the conference will be held outside of Washington, DC—and the outline colors reflect color-changing elements of various banknote security features. Additionally, the skyline is "supported" on a design element that echoes a banknote security thread, and reinforces the conference year/edition. The lettering of the logo reflects new conference branding for all Currency Research conferences, and is a departure from previous Banknote Conference typography, signaling a bright future for the conference under the CR umbrella.

Impressive options from other sponsors: Innovia Security and SURYS

Innovia Banknote 2018 Logo

Second place honors go to CCL Secure, with this design representing the dynamism in the cycle of the industry of banknote design and the input of the many different stakeholders involved in the cycle of banknote production. This cycle is connected with a five-pointed star, a common transparent element of security features in the banknotes, and a recognizable symbol of Texas.

SURYS Banknote 2018 LogoThird place honors go to SURYS, with this submission that depicts the Reunion Tower, one of the most recognizable landmarks of Dallas, and the Texas star. This graphic and minimalistic logo evokes the subtlety of guilloches, which are used to secure banknotes, with a refreshing and vivid shade of orange to add a modern flair.

Currency Research wishes to extend our thanks to all the sponsors who took part in the second Banknote Conference Logo Contest. Seven sponsors participated with over 20 beautifully executed designs. The amount of time, thought and effort that went into all the submissions was obvious and greatly appreciated.