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Speakers and Topics

Banknote speakers present topics of note including paper money and counterfeit money.

Paper money vs. polymer money? Secure notes vs. counterfeit money?

Banknote 2014 once again delved into topics of “note.”

The Banknote Conference® programming is built on the mutual knowledge, respect, and cooperation between government and industry experts whose common goal is banknote production/lifecycle excellence aligned with criminal deterrence of counterfeit money. Our reputation as a premier technical currency conference is a direct result of our thoughtfully planned presentation lineup.

From highly technical presentations announcing innovative security features to enforcement agencies sharing best practices in the fight against counterfeit money, our thought-provoking agenda was packed with best-in-class knowledge and expertise.

With a solid reputation as a “working conference,” Banknote 2014 led the industry in relevant, critical topics as they pertain to emerging trends and leading technologies in the banknote industry, including the continuing debate on substrates (paper money vs. polymer money?), payment options (polymer/paper money vs. alternative payment methods), and the development of technology to keep ahead of counterfeit money, regardless of substrate.

2014 Presentation Lineup

Opening Keynote

Managing Cash Operations in Over 140 Countries
William Fox, Global Financial Crimes Compliance Executive
Bank of America


Changes in Mexican Banknotes Mean Life: The Result of Circulation Trials and Impact on Net Demand
Alejandro Alegre, General Director of Currency Issuance
Banco de México

Bank of Russia 2014 Commemorative Note
Tatiana Aleksandrova, Head of Section/Cash Department
Bank of Russia

Experience with Durasafe® for the Commemorative Moroccan 25-Dirham Note
Abdeloihad Serhane, Managing Director
Bank Al-Maghrib Dar As-Sikkah

Artistic and Technical Approach: Hand-in-Hand In Banknote Design
Barna Barabas, Deputy Managing Director Jura JSP GmbH
Security Printing Alliance (SPA)

Note Wear Analysis in the Field
Michael Blesovsky
Managing Director, Innovia Films Sàrl

Counterfeiting of the New Redesigned US $100 Banknote
Kerre Corbin, Counterfeit Specialist
United States Secret Service

Next Generation Currency Processing
Roland Costa, Chief Technology Officer/ Senior Vice President
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

The Bank of England’s Journey
Victoria Cleland, Head of Notes Division
Bank of England

Topic/Presenter to be Announced
Dutch Currency Association (DCA)

Perceptual Experiences of Natural Light, Color Contrasts and Light Reflectance in Creative Banknote Designs
Dr. Pierre Degott, Technical Director

SPMCIL’s ERP Journey to Business Excellence in Currency Printing
Ramakant Dixit, General Manager (IT)
Security Printing & Minting Corporation of India Limited (SPMCIL)

The Seven Deadly Sins of Security Features
Dr. Tim Driscoll, Vice President Currency

Providing Access to Currency for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Larry Felix, Director
Bureau of Engraving and Printing

Joint Banknote Procurement
Nicole Engel, Cash Policy Officer
De Nederlandsche Bank

The Bank of Israel’s Automated Chief Cashier System
Mordechai Fein, Head of Currency Department
Bank of Israel

Forces Impacting the ‘Way We Pay’, and the Implications for Cash
Gerry Gaetz, President and CEO
Canadian Payments Association

Optimizing the Fitness Sorting of Banknotes in the Eurosystem
Jean-Michel Grimal, Head of the Currency Development Division
European Central Bank

The Way from Difficult to Complex: Ideology, Design And Security Features of the "Kultegin" Commemorative Note
Zhomart Kazhmuratov, Director
National Bank of Kazakhstan

High Speed Sheet Inspection
Matthias Köhler, Vice President

Issuing the New $100 Note: Managing Through Uncertainty and Adversity
Michael Lambert, Associate Director
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve

Lowering Central Bank Currency Replacement Costs and Mitigating Environmental Impact Using Supercritical Fluid Cleaning of Banknotes
Nabil Lawandy, CEO
Spectra Systems

The End Game: Tracking Counterfeits to the Source
Tyra McConnell, Counterfeit Specialist
Matt Fishler, Special Agent
United States Secret Service

The Only Way Is Up
Bertrand Pujol d’Andrebo, Industrial Director
Oberthur Fiduciaire

Anti-Counterfeiting Innovation: Life in the Fast Lane
Gary Power, Director, Research & Development
Innovia Security

Potentials for Cost-Reduction in the National Cash Cycle
Helmut Rittgen, Head of Cash Department
Deutsche Bundesbank

Euro Banknotes and the Europa Series…Continued
Ton Roos, Director of Banknotes
European Central Bank

The Printer at the Core of Secure and Efficient Banknote Production
Johannes Schaede, Technical Director
KBA NotaSys

Advances in Thread Dynamics – Strengthening First Level Authentication
Dr. Wolfram Seidemann, Managing Director

Beyond Holograms: The New Generation of Security Features Based on Surface Plasmons and Zero Order Optical Technologies
Hugues Souparis, Chairman & CEO

Novel Developments in Fluorescent Security Features
Gary Spinks, Director
Security Papers UK

KINEGRAM®, a Window to the Future
Dr. Wayne Tompkin, Head of Optical Technology

Canada’s Polymer Note Series—the Last Chapter
Richard Wall, Chief of Currency
Bank of Canada

What Can Circulation Data Tell Us About the Performance of Different Durability Solutions?
Laura Wheeler, Head of Substrates
Dr. Tim Berridge, Project Manager
De La Rue

The Architecture of Secure Window Solutions for Banknotes
Jürgen Zerbes, Director Product Marketing
Giesecke & Devrient

The Next Generation of Durable Overt Security Features
Eric Ziegler, President, Security Technologies Group
Crane Currency

* Please note: topics and speakers are subject to change without notice.