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International Association of Currency Affairs Program

The International Association of Currency Affairs (IACA)a non-profit association of central banks, finance ministries, mints and suppliers dedicated to making cash the best that it can be, is pleased to offer the following program during Banknote 2018.

IACA Excellence in Currency Technical Awards

IACA’s Excellence in Currency Awards were launched in 2007, the first awards program to recognize outstanding currency and coin projects. IACA’s technical awards are open to central banks and organizations providing products, systems or services. Anyone may make a nomination; the winning projects will be selected by vote of IACA’s delegates. IACA plans to present the technical awards during Banknote 2018 and we will announce details closer to the event.

We will also update this page when the award nomination period opens.

To read more about the IACA Excellence in Currency Awards, please click here.