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New Banknote Series Discussion Center

A new banknote series or new note release is the culmination of years of planning, strategy, and technological innovation. Its launch to the public is a multi-layered event, from education campaigns to cash handling and distribution, not to mention the cultural and national pride implications. For the past several editions of the Banknote Conference, we have displayed new series of banknotes or other banknotes of interest (commemorative, etc.) in the Exhibition Hall for delegates to view.

This year, we're taking this feature a step further with... 

The New Banknote Series Discussion Center

We will have a dedicated section of the Exhibition Hall where the series will be displayed. Central bank representatives responsible for their series will have scheduled times to present and discuss their decision-making process and the banknote products displayed. This Discussion Center will allow delegates to interact and exchange specific insights and challenges in bringing a banknote series to life!

We will announce the schedule in the Agenda pages closer to the conference.

If you are a central bank or issuing authority that has released a new series or banknote SINCE 2016, and would like to present and/or display your banknotes in our exhibition, please submit your request for consideration to Research and Report Coordinator, Brianna Erban,