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Alejandro Alegre Alejandro Alegre

PANELIST: A Balancing Act—Pushing the Technology Envelope while Maintaining Manufacturability

Director General of Issue & Chief Cashier | Banco de México

Mr. Alejandro Alegre is 51 years old. He is a lawyer who worked during 14 years at Civilian Intelligence Services in México. He was General Director of Planning Center for Drug Control, the Intelligence Agency of the Office of the Mexican Attorney General and also General Director of the National Security Intelligence Center (CISEN).

Since 2001 he has been working at Bank of Mexico, where he has been Advisor to the Board of Governors, Security Director, General Director of Planning and Budget and he is now General Director of Currency Issuance and Main Cashier.

Catherine Ashiley Catherine Ashiley

Re-Circulation of Currency in Ghana—Update on Policy and Technology and PANELIST: Central Bank Round Table Discussion: Insights of Challenges, Opportunities, Views and Perspectives

Head, Currency Management Department | Bank of Ghana

Miss Catherine Ashiley has been Director and Head of Currency Management Department, Bank of Ghana for the past ten (10) years. She has previously held various positions in the Bank, including Head of Domestic Treasury Office of the Treasury Department and Head of Rural Finance Policy Desk of the Research Department. As Head of the Currency Management Department, she coordinated activities of the first ever Currency Redenomination Exercise undertaken by the Bank in 2007, with all its complications and logistics challenges.

She continues to initiate and superintend over the implementation of several strategic capacity enhancement projects in the broad area of currency operations. Notable among these are:

  • Construction of New Cash Centres
  • Acquisition and deployment of modern Banknote Processing and Destructions Systems in Cash Centres of the Bank
  • Racking/Shelving solution in the Vaults at the New Cash Centre in Accra
  • Deployment of New Cash Enterprise Management (ECM) Software to improve traceability and turnaround time in the cash processing and cash operations transactions in the financial sector

She holds a Masters Degree (1985/86) and Diploma Degree (1984) in Development Studies, from the Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, in The Netherlands. She also holds a BA (Honours) Degree in Sociology with Geography from the University of Ghana Legon. She is also a Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow (University of California at Davis 1994/95), and has participated and made, presentations in several courses, seminars and conferences.

Erik Balodis Erik Balodis

Polymer Durability – The Canadian Experience

Assistant Director, Banknote Design & Technical Analysis Team | Bank of Canada

Erik joined the Bank of Canada in 2007, working principally on the Bank’s currency research and development program. He was a member of the polymer bank note development team, and played an important role in establishing the Bank’s framework for security evaluation. In 2013, Erik joined the Quality and Operations group to establish the Bank’s Quality Assessment methodology and facilities. Erik took on the role of Assistant Director – Bank Note Development and Technical Analysis in 2014, and leads the team that conducts the technical work to research, develop and monitor bank notes. Erik holds an M.Sc. in Physical Chemistry, and an M.B.A.

Philippe Barreau Philippe Barreau

PANELIST: A Balancing Act—Pushing the Technology Envelope while Maintaining Manufacturability

Managing Director | SICPA

Philippe Barreau, a French national, holds an MBA as well as an engineering degree in Materials Science. He is 51 years old and has more than 25 years' experience in general, sales and financial management, acquired through leading the growth of a number of international organisations. He was based in different countries in Asia for more than 10 years.

Mr Barreau joined SICPA SA in 2001 as Regional Director, became Director Sales & Marketing in 2006 and was appointed Managing Director of the SICPA Security Inks and Solutions division on February 1st, 2012.

Grzegorz Biernat Grzegorz Biernat

Innovative Design of the New 200 Zloty Note

Head of Banknote Quality Control, Cash & Issue Dept. | Central Bank of Poland (Narodowy Bank Polski)

Grzegorz Biernat holds a degree in Chemical Engineering and Chemical Organic Technology from Warsaw University of Technology. He joined National Bank of Poland, Cash and Issued Department in 1990 and for more than 10 years held the position of Deputy Head of Currency Examination Section. In 2013 was appointed Head of Banknote Quality Control Section.

In his position, he is responsible for the majority of topics related to banknotes such as new banknote projects, banknote quality control, validation of sorting machines, quality standards for used banknotes’ sorting at NBP’s branches and in commercial sector, cooperation with security printing works and cash handling operators.

Anton Bleikolm Anton Bleikolm

MODERATOR: A Balancing Act—Pushing the Technology Envelope while Maintaining Manufacturability

Owner and Chairman | AFB-Engineering & Services

Dr. Anton Bleikolm is the Owner and Chairman of AFB-Engineering & Services since setting up the company in September 2014 after nearly 35 years working within the currency industry. After starting as a researcher for SICPA in 1980, Dr. Bleikolm worked with SICPA as a Technical Director, Managing Director, COO and Head of Security Ink and then finally as the Strategic Advisor to the CEO and Chairman from 2012 until 2014. Dr. Bleikolm has also been on the Board of Directors for SICPA and is currently a Member of the Board of Directors for Orell Füssli Holding Ltd. Dr. Bleikolm holds a Masters and PhD in Organic Chemistry from the Technical University in Graz.

Xavier Borde Xavier Borde

Avalon, the Next Step in Fluorescence

Head of Research & Development Department | Oberthur Fiduciaire

Xavier Borde has been graduated in 1997 from a leading French engineering college of Chemistry. He achieved later a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Rennes, France, in 2001 in a partnership with a foreign university, in Lund, Sweden. In 2002, Xavier Borde joined François-Charles Oberthur Fiduciaire, now Oberthur Fiduciaire, as a R&D Engineer to develop new securities for banknotes and passports and to improve the various industrial processes in the printing house. Among other projects, he participated to the issue of the first electronic passport ICAO compliant in 2004. In 2008 as a project leader, Xavier Borde and his team in close partnership with a customer put the first self authenticating passport on the market.

Xavier Borde has been appointed at the head of the R&D department in 2008. With his team he supported numerous projects in banknotes and ID products during three years. Since the end 2011 Oberthur Fiduciaire is now exclusively devoted to the printing of security documents and especially banknotes. Increasing numbers of new features dedicated to this special product have been created in the R&D team then implemented on a growing numbers of banknote denominations with always the same idea: serve our customers, give them trust into their currency trough a perpetual renewed traditional product as well as fight counterfeiting. 

Steve Casey Steve Casey

A New Paradigm in Banknote Security

Director, Sales & Marketing | Innovia Security

Steve Casey started his career as a journalist based in Los Angeles in the late 80’s and worked for US and Australian print, radio and television media. He moved into corporate communication in 1995 with the ATP Tour based in Sydney to provide communication and media support to tournaments worldwide and to help build the ATP’s brand and global television audience for men’s professional tennis. In the early 2000’s, Steve launched Hand Eye Communication and for 12 years grew the marketing and communication strategy business to working with clients across Australia in a wide range of industries from fashion and sport to housing and law. In 2013, Steve joined Innovia Security where he serves as Director – Sales & Marketing where he, along with the rest of the business, is focused on the delivery of outstanding innovation, quality and service to central bank and security printer customers and the banknote industry.

Marci Chavez Marci Chavez

MODERATOR: Central Bank Round Table Discussion: Insights of Challenges, Opportunities, Views and Perspectives

President | Currency Research

Marci Chavez graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Accounting from Texas A&M University in 1990, and a few years later earned her CPA certification. She has worked for 3+ years in Public Accounting firms in Audit in both Waco and Dallas, Texas, as well as working as Controller for a Business Insurance/Risk Management company. She joined Currency Systems International (CSI) in 1996 as a Senior Accountant, soon became Controller. Her last few years at CSI, she served as CFO.

Throughout her career at CSI, Marci worked closely with the Sales, Engineering, Manufacturing, Service and Project Management teams tracking progress of manufacturing and engineering development projects and sales contract completions and fulfillments. De La Rue bought CSI in 2001, and she played a key role in completing the transaction and the following transition within De La Rue. She left De La Rue in February of 2002 and worked as a financial consultant for Trailblazer Studios out of their Dallas office, while also helping Richard Haycock organize Currency Research USA Corp. She initially worked on a consulting basis for Currency Research, and then joined them in a full-time position in 2005 as CFO and Sponsor Coordinator. She was promoted to Vice-President/CFO in 2009 and in August of 2011 was named President.

Victoria Cleland Victoria Cleland

Future Demand for Cash and PANELIST: Central Bank Round Table Discussion: Insights of Challenges, Opportunities, Views and Perspectives

Chief Cashier and Director of Notes | Bank of England

Victoria Cleland is Chief Cashier at the Bank of England, leading the teams with responsibility for all of the Bank’s involvement in banknotes from design to distribution. Victoria has a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford and an MBA from Imperial College London. Her career has been based at the Bank of England, covering a range of roles including: oversight of payment and settlement systems, financing of small businesses, graduate recruitment, Private Secretary to the Deputy Governor and immediately prior to heading the Notes area, Deputy Head of the Special Resolution Unit.

Kerre Corbin Kerre Corbin

The Impact of Investigative Efforts on Counterfeit Passing Statistics


Counterfeit Specialist | United States Secret Service

Kerre Corbin is a Counterfeit Specialist with the United States Secret Service Criminal Investigative Division in Washington, DC. She conducts forensic examinations on U.S. Treasury obligations that entail authenticating genuine Federal Reserve Notes and classifying counterfeit notes. Her duties include conducting physical, chemical, and instrumental examinations of counterfeit U.S. Treasury obligations and conducting adversarial analysis of future designs of U.S. currency. Mrs. Corbin has provided counterfeit detection training to law enforcement, government, and the banking community throughout the United States and abroad.

Mrs. Corbin holds a Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science from the University of Central Florida. She has been with the US Secret Service for over eleven years.

Roland Costa Roland Costa

Eddies, Bunching, Fluff, and Goo—How the Federal Reserve Manages Currency Quality

Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer | Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

A native of Brooklyn, N.Y., Roland Costa attended Fordham University in Bronx, N.Y., Pace University in New York, N.Y., and Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA.

Mr. Costa joined the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond's Computer Planning Department as a Lead Software Systems Programmer/Analyst in 1984 and transferred to the Bank's Business Application Services Department as a Systems Analysis and Programming Manager in 1989.

Mr. Costa joined the Federal Reserve System’s Currency Technology Office (housed at the Richmond Fed) as a Currency Systems Project Manager in 1997. He was named Currency Technology Officer in 1998, Assistant Vice President in 2000, Vice President in 2002 and Senior Vice President in 2010.

Since 2003, Mr. Costa also has served as Chief Technology Officer over High Speed Currency Technology and Sensor Initiatives for the CTO, a system function reporting to the Product Manager and Executive Vice President of the Cash Product Office of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

Ella Dermilly Ella Dermilly

Avalon, the Next Step in Fluorescence

Research and Development Engineer | Oberthur Fiduciaire

Ella Dermilly holds a PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Rennes (France). This PhD was in partnership with Oberthur Fiduciaire and allowed the synthesis and the characterization of new pigments with special luminescent properties. She joined Oberthur Fiduciaire in 2013 as an R&D engineer and works on the development of new products and new security features.

Claude-Alain Despland Claude-Alain Despland

The Optimised Cash Cycle: Greater Cooperation for the Future of Cash

Head of Security Features | SICPA

Biography coming soon!


Tim Driscoll Tim Driscoll

You Can Do It! A How to Guide for Disaggregating Your Supply Chain

Vice President & General Manager, Currency & Tax Stamp | Authentix

Tim Driscoll joined Authentix in 2005 and has been involved in the design, development, and implementation of banknote machine readable feature platforms for the past 20 years. During this time he has developed banknote security features based on advanced optical materials as well as the accompanying high speed and quality control sensors. Tim received a Ph.D. in Physics from Brown University, a B.S. in Physics from Rensselaer, and is an IACA board member.

In his present role, Tim manages the Authentix Currency and Tax Stamp business unit. Authentix works with Central Banks and industry partners to define best of breed machine readable feature solutions which provided enhanced security and performance while maintaining low total cost of ownership.


Trond Eklund Trond Eklund

New Norwegian Banknote Series

Chief Cashier | Norges Bank

Trond Eklund is an economist and director in Norges Bank, where he has worked since 1980. Since 2000 he has headed the Cashiers Department and played a central part in the changes that have been taking place in Norges Bank’s cash operations to increase the efficiency in cash distribution. Moreover, assessing the organisation of the services and tasks for which the central bank is responsible. The practical consequences of these assessments are that Norges Bank’s cash operations are based largely on outsourcing. Previously, he was the head of Financial Analysis and Structure Department and responsible for the Financial Stability report for nearly ten years. He serves as the CBCDG chairman and is board member in the Nordic Investment Bank. Trond Eklund holds a part time position at Norwegian School of Management where he is responsible and teaches credit risk analyses. He has written text books on this subject.

Satoru Fukuda Saturo Fukuda

Fundamental Research on Improving the Tactile Properties of Printed Sheets

Research & Development | National Printing Bureau of Japan

Mr. Satoru FUKUDA received Ph.D. for paper science at the graduate school of the University of Tokyo in 2005 and then joined the National Printing Bureau, Japan in 2006. He was assigned to Fundamental Technology Division, and there he has been engaged in fundamental researches and developments of paper products, and also he has been involved in researches of tactile properties of printed sheets and identification of banknote denomination. In addition, he has an experience of studying in Grenoble, France for 2 years since 2009, and there he had research activities in Laboratory of Pulp and Paper Science and Graphic Arts (“LGP2”).


Fernand Garcia de Cruz Fernand Garcia de Cruz

Advances in Watermark Technology

Marketing Director, Banknote Paper | Arjowiggins Security

Fernand GARCIA de CRUZ is Marketing Director for Banknote Paper at Arjowiggins Security since 2013 where, among other responsibilities, he leads paper and security features development and communications. Fernand has been with Arjowiggins Security for more than 10 years and was previously in the Synthetic Papers division.

Prior to that he gained strong expertise in brand management, customer research and product development in international companies including 3M and Henkel. Fernand holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Neoma Rouen Business School in France.


Beat Grossenbacher Beat Grossenbacher

A New Take on a Swiss Original and PANELIST: A Balancing Act—Pushing the Technology Envelope while Maintaining Manufacturability

Head of Cash | Swiss National Bank

Mr. Beat Grossenbacher has been the Head of Cash at the Swiss National Bank since 2013. Prior to this role, he served as a Consultant to the New Banknote Project at the Swiss National Bank.

From 2002-2009, Beat was an advisor at KPMG for Corporate Governance Services, Internal Audit, Risk Management and Internal Control Systems. He also worked at OVD KINEGRAM AG / KURZ Group from 1991 to 2001, where he was responsible for various Banknote and Document Security projects in Switzerland, Europe, America and Asia/Pacific.

Beat holds a Master Degree in Business Administration and a University Degree in Micro Technology & Optics.

Mazen Hamdan Mazen Hamdan

Banknote Substrate Durability: A Live Circulation Comparative Study

Director, Cash Operations Department | Banque du Liban (Lebanon)

Mr. Hamdan has over 20 years of experience in central banking. He is currently the executive director of the Cash Operations department at the Central Bank of Lebanon, and is a member of its Open Market Committee.

Mr. Hamdan joined the Cash Operations Department in 2006 to restructure and modernize its systems and procedures and realign the department’s products and services within the overall strategy of the Central Bank, with the aim of cutting costs and turning the cash operations into an efficient and effective center.

Before being assigned to this position, Mr. Hamdan was Assistant Director at the Organization and Development Department where he initiated and implemented several projects for restructuring the processes and systems at the central bank.

Mr. Hamdan has a Business degree from the American University of Beirut, and a Masters Degree in Accounting and Finance from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Michael Hans Michael Hans

Mitigating Development Risks Through Cooperative Approach

Chief Engineer and Vice President of Operations | Canadian Bank Note Company

Michael Hans graduated from the University of Karlsrhue as a diplom engineer from the mechanical engineering program specializing in manufacturing systems in 1992. With German banknote printer Giesecke & Devrient, he held several positions in quality management, technical service and engineering.

In 2001, Mr. Hans was heading the operations at Giesecke & Devrient subsidiary BA Banknote in Canada, and later served as President and General Manager of the subsidiary until 2010. From 2010 to 2013, he served as Senior Product Manager of printing presses at KBA NotaSys which included being in charge of Simultan, Orlof Intaglio and paper logistics equipment.

Since 2013, Mr. Hans is with Canadian Bank Note Company as Chief Engineer and Vice President of Operations. He is in charge of the company’s printing operations.

Phil Holland Phil Holland

Preservation of the Environment When Manufacturing

Senior Sales Manager | Komori Currency Technology

Phil Holland has worked in the printing industry for over 34 years and has been with the Komori Corporation for the last 16 years.

Beginning his career in the commercial print sector, Phil studied all aspects of print from pre-press, press, through to finishing before progressing into print management in the public sector before moving into sales.

In recent years, Phil was General Sales Manager at Komori UK with responsibility for the sales of sheet fed presses and ancillary equipment in the UK and distributors in countries such as South Africa. Phil joined Komori Currency Technology in 2009 to implement the new sales drive and promote the new and innovative products manufactured by Komori.

With a strong technical background, Phil has been able to contribute to the recent successes enjoyed by the Komori organisation world-wide, and will strive to continue to raise the company’s profile within state print works and commercial banknote printers.

Ravi Kamoda Ravi Kamoda

The Fiji $5 - The Story So Far

Manager Currency | Reserve Bank of Fiji

Ravi Kamoda is the Manager Currency at the Reserve Bank of Fiji and is responsible for all facets of the Bank’s currency operations from design to distribution, repatriation, fitness sorting and destruction. Ravi joined the Reserve Bank of Fiji in April 1999 and in September 2007, he was promoted to the position of Manager Currency. During his tenure at the Reserve Bank of Fiji, Ravi has worked on a number of banknote and coin modernisation projects and respective public education programs.

Ravi holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of the South Pacific, a Post Graduate Diploma from Central Queensland University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of the South Pacific.

Thomas Kern Thomas Kern

10 Years Direct Laser Engraving – Past, Present and Future

Head of R&D | OeBS

Thomas Kern established his first contact to the banknote industry already during his studies as the subject of his diploma thesis was related to banknote tracking and tracing systems within the banknote printing works. After graduating from the University of Applied Science with a master degree in system and software engineering, Thomas Kern joined in 2002 the R&D team of OeBS. Starting as a software developer he has been involved in various topics, including development of security features and products for the banknote life cycle. Since 2011 Thomas Kern is head of the R&D department.

Thomas Kern has a comprehensive expertise in laser engraving methods for intaglio plates as well as detection and counterfeiting techniques of machine-readable security features. With his knowledge and experience he has been contributing to various R&D projects and working groups within the euro system.

Nabil Lawandy Nabil Lawandy

Advances in Supercritical CO2 Cleaning of Banknotes and Results of Collaborative Testing with the Bank of Thailand

President & CEO | Spectra Systems Corporation

Dr. Nabil Lawandy received a PhD in Chemical Physics from the Johns Hopkins University in 1980. From 1981 to 1997, Dr. Lawandy was a professor at Brown University in the Division of Engineering and Department of Physics. Professor Lawandy has published over 170 papers in peer reviewed journals and has mentored nineteen PhD students. He holds over 100 published US and international patents in a number of applications spanning optical materials, processes, and devices. Dr. Lawandy is an Alfred P. Sloan Fellow, a recipient of a Cottrell Award, the Presidential Young Investigator Award, the Slater Foundation Innovation Award, and the Rolex Prize for his work on using Random Lasers for Photo-medicine. He is the founder and CEO of Spectra Systems Corporation and Solaris Nanosciences. In July of 2011, Dr. Lawandy and the Spectra management team successfully floated Spectra Systems on the AIM segment of the London Stock Exchange.

Michael Lambert Michael Lambert

New Approaches to Educating a Global Public About U.S. Currency

Associate Director | Federal Reserve Board of Governors

Michael Lambert is an Associate Director at the U.S. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System with responsibility for issuing the nation’s currency. Michael has direct responsibility for the Currency Education Program, Banknote Issuance and Cash Operations, Banknote Planning and Quality Assurance programs, and participates in an interagency committee to make design recommendations to the Secretary of the Treasury. Michael also oversees the provision of cash operations activities at the Federal Reserve Banks.

Karin Mörck-Hamilton Karin Mörck

Designing for Rapid Authentication

Head of Design | Crane Currency

Karin Mörck-Hamliton, Head of Design for Crane Currency since 1996, leads a team that takes a holistic approach when designing banknotes to make sure that all functions will be integrated into the note. Karin has more than 30 years of experience within the field of banknote design. With a Masters in Fine Art from the Swedish Art and Graphic at School of Design and Crafts and Engraver School at Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts, she started her banknote design career with watermark and intaglio engraving in early 1980s. Karin is a founding member of the International Banknote Designers Association.

Peter Mühlfelder Peter Mühlfelder

KINEGRAM COLORS® — Security Through Enhancement and PANELIST: A Balancing Act—Pushing the Technology Envelope while Maintaining Manufacturability

Head of Business Area Security, KURZ | Managing Director OVD Kinegram

Peter Muehlfelder joined KURZ in 1996 and has been responsible for global sales and marketing of security foils for banknotes since 2007. Today he is also Head of Business Area Security dealing with diffractive optically variable products for the high security and commercial security sector. Since 2011, Mr. Muehlfelder has assumed the position as Managing Director OVD Kinegram AG.

He heads up a team of technical and commercial experts dedicated to the development of foil-based security solutions and the management of security projects world-wide.

Peter Muehlfelder studied economic and organizational science at the University of the German Army in Munich and holds a master of commerce degree.

Qasim Nawaz Qasim Nawaz

PANELIST: Central Bank Round Table Discussion: Insights of Challenges, Opportunities, Views and Perspectives

Managing Director | State Bank of Pakistan

Mr. Qasim Nawaz is presently serving as the Managing Director of SBP Banking Services Corporation (SBP BSC), a wholly owned subsidiary of State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), central bank of the country. Mr. Nawaz joined SBP in 1988. During his long and distinguished central banking career, he has held various senior management positions in core departments of SBP and SBP BSC including Executive Director – Banking Supervision Group and also serving as Director in Currency Management Department, SME & Microfinance Department, Infrastructure & Housing Finance Department, etc.

As Managing Director, he is responsible for the management and supervision of the strategic as well as the day to day operations which include Currency & Foreign Exchange Operations, Development Finance initiatives and any other statutory and administrative functions delegated by SBP to SBP BSC. At present, he is also spearheading the Currency Management Strategy which aims to bring currency operations in Pakistan in line with international best practices through the introduction of automated processes at both the Central Bank level as well as commercial banks across the country.

Mr. Nawaz’s career achievements include designing the first ever National Policy on Microfinance approved by then Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2007. Further, he has remained involved in designing policy initiatives for the development of industry and exports from Pakistan. He also represented the State Bank of Pakistan at various forums and committees concerning industrial and micro finance credit schemes, besides representing the State Bank of Pakistan during negotiation with various multilateral organizations.

Mr. Qasim Nawaz holds Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance from Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad and a Diploma in Banking (DAIBP) from the Institute of Bankers, Pakistan.

Len Olijar Len Olijar

The Next U.S. Series and the Need for Meaningful Access

Director | Bureau of Engraving & Printing

Mr. Len Olijar became the 26th Director of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) in January 2015, after serving as BEP’s Deputy Director from 2012 through 2014. Mr. Olijar began his career at BEP in 1988 as a Systems Accountant implementing BEP’s first Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Mr. Olijar drove innovation and efficiency in projects that included implementing the first internet payment platform in the government, and closing the financial books within two days and completing the year-end audit in seven days. In 2006, Mr. Olijar was appointed the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of BEP. Under his leadership, BEP implemented an enterprise risk management program as well as a Lean Six Sigma initiative to improve employee engagement, customer service and efficiency. As Director, he is overseeing strategic planning for facilities, equipment and human resources.

Mr. Olijar has degrees in Forest Products from Pennsylvania State University and Accounting from the University of Colorado. 

Manuela Pfrunder Manuela Pfrunder

A New Take on a Swiss Original and PANELIST: A Balancing Act—Pushing the Technology Envelope while Maintaining Manufacturability

Designer | Gestaltung Manuela Pfrunder

Manuela Pfrunder, a graphic designer, was born in Lucerne, Switzerland in 1979. Her dissertation in graphic design – Neotopia, Atlas of equitable distribution of the world – is a published work and has received several awards. Manuela Pfrunder has been running her own graphic design business in Zurich since 2003. In 2008, she graduated with a Master of Advanced Studies in Cultural/Gender Studies.

Since 2005, Manuela Pfrunder has been working on the design of the new Swiss banknote series on behalf of the Swiss National Bank, taking it up to the production stage. To help her in this, she put together a team of specialists in graphic design, security design, cultural analysis and philosophy. The key considerations at the heart of her work are blending good design, philosophical content and innovative security features into a unified whole.

Nestor Plazas Nestor Plazas

New High Denomination Banknote of $100,000 and PANELIST: Central Bank Round Table Discussion: Insights of Challenges, Opportunities, Views and Perspectives

Chief Officer, Industrial & Treasury Division | Banco de la República

Nestor Plazas is a Systems Engineer and has a Master`s degree in Computer Science from Boston University. He has held different positions at the Central Bank of Colombia (Banco de la Repùblica ) and has been Chief Officer of the Industrial and Treasury Division for more than ten years. He is responsible for defining policies related to the production and supply of banknotes and coins to meet the cash needs of the Colombian economy. The scope of his work also includes designing policies for cash processing activities performed through Bank's branches and the Main Office. Additionally, he is in charge of developing the environmental agenda within the Bank

Jean-Yves Ray Jean-Yves Ray

The Optimised Cash Cycle: Greater Cooperation for the Future of Cash

Marketing Director | SICPA

Jean-Yves Ray, born in 1971 is a Swiss national and holds a master degree in Business Administration from the University of Lausanne.

He joined the Security Inks Division of SICPA in 2001 as Marketing Manager and was appointed Marketing Director in 2010 heading a full-fledged marketing team dedicated to banknote and value document activities at SICPA. 

Rosie Rios Rosie Rios

Special Welcome Address and Presentation

Treasurer of the United States

Rosie Rios serves as the 43rd Treasurer of the United States. She has direct oversight over the U.S. Mint, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and Fort Knox and is a key liaison with the Federal Reserve. In addition, the Treasurer serves as a senior advisor to the Secretary in the areas of community development and public engagement. She is especially passionate about supporting Women in Finance and issues of Main Street in the economic recovery.

Prior to her confirmation as Treasurer, Rios worked at MacFarlane Partners, where she was Managing Director of Investments. Working with MacFarlane Partners’ development and global capital partners, Rios played a central role in facilitating equity transactions for large mixed-use development projects in major urban areas. In November of 2008, Rios took a leave of absence from MacFarlane Partners to serve on the Treasury/Federal Reserve Transition Team and is a graduate of Harvard University.

Ton Roos Ton Roos

The Euro Banknotes: Recent Experiences and the Challenges Ahead and PANELIST: A Balancing Act—Pushing the Technology Envelope while Maintaining Manufacturability

Director, Banknotes | European Central Bank

Ton Roos has been the Director, Banknotes at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt since November 2008. Before that he was the Head of the Cash Policy Department at De Nederlandsche Bank in Amsterdam since 2002 and the Deputy-Head of the Currency Policy Department from 1999. Between 1994 and 1999 he was Plant & Technology Manager at a subsidiary company of Akzo Nobel. From 1984 until 1994 he held various R&D and management positions at Akzo Nobel. Mr Roos is the Chairman of the Banknote Committee (BANCO) of the European System of Central Banks since December 2008 and a member of BANCO between 1999 and 2008. In 2012 he was appointed as member of the Executive committee of the Central Bank Counterfeit Deterrence Group (CBCDG). He holds a PhD in solid state chemistry.

Dieter Sauter Dieter Sauter

Turning a Sophisticated Idea into an Innovative Product

Managing Director | Orell Füssli Security Printing Ltd

Mr. Dieter Sauter was born in Germany in 1968 and studied Physics at the Universities of Tübingen and Stuttgart. After graduation he work for such prestigious companies such as Bundesdruckerei, Robert Bosch, and Giesecke & Devrient. Then in 2011, Mr. Sauter became the Head of Research Development at Orell Füssli Security Documents in Zurich, Switzerland. Since April 2014, Mr. Sauter has served as the Head of the Security Printing Division and the Chief Technology Officer.

Johannes Schaede Johannes Schaede

Mitigating Development Risks Through Cooperative Approach

Technical Director | KBA-NotaSys

Mr. Johannes Schaede, of German nationality, is Technical Director of KBA-NotaSys. After school, high school and military service apprentice for mechanical field engineer for power plant pump systems. National laureate in brain research 1977. Studied mechanical and electrical engineering at the ETH (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule ). He graduated in Control Technologies. Diploma in mechanical engineering at the ETH (Eidgenössisch Technische Hochschule) Zürich 1983. Apprentice in newspaper printing and bank note printing. Joined KBA (Koenig & Bauer AG) Würzburg in 1983 in the bank note machine design department. His career developed in 1992 to Vice President of KBA and head of their bank note machine division. In this function he is since responsible for the design of the entire production equipment line of KBA-NotaSys. In 2003 he became Technical Director and member of the executive committee of KBA-NotaSys. His current responsibilities encompass the entire R&D and Technologies in the bank note production field. KBA-NotaSys has obtained and maintained on his watch to be the industry leader in its field. He carries numerous international patents in the printing and bank note production field.

Thomas Scholler Thomas Scholler

10 Years Direct Laser Engraving – Past, Present and Future

Production Manager | OeBS

Thomas Scholler graduated in his hometown Vienna as a Prepress and Printing technology engineer. After several senior positions in commercial and security printing suppliers’ companies, in 2008 he joined the Austrian banknote printing company, the OeBS. Since 2011 Thomas Scholler has been production manager.

His experience includes prepress technologies, brand protection and passport business as well as development of new banknotes and best practice models for the security printing industry. Being strongly involved in the Eurosystem, Thomas Scholler is member in various task forces and working groups related to the development of the new Euro series.

Wolfram Seidemann Wolfram Seidemann

Innovative, Integrated, Ingenious Banknotes—The Heart of Cash Cycle Security and PANELIST: A Balancing Act—Pushing the Technology Envelope while Maintaining Manufacturability

Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors | Giesecke & Devrient/Louisenthal

Wolfram Seidemann is Chairman of the Management Board of Papierfabrik Louisenthal. Before taking up the position in 2012, he was for eight years responsible for Sales and Marketing of Banknote Processing Systems and Solutions worldwide at Giesecke & Devrient. In prior years, he held senior management positions in the smart card industry, and consulting firms in logistics, R&D and innovation management.

Dr Seidemann studied Electrical Engineering and Business Administration. He holds a Doctor degree in Innovations Management from the Technical University of Munich.

Susann Sieber Susann Sieber

Does Banknote Quality Affect Counterfeit Detection?

Researcher, Cash Department | Deutsche Bundesbank

Susann Sieber is an economist. She received a Ph.D. in microeconomics from Technische Universität Dresden (Germany) in 2014, shortly after joining the Deutsche Bundesbank in 2013. Since September 2014 she has been working as a researcher in the Cash Department. Her main research interest is in payment behavior. She is part of a team which manages and analyzes the Deutsche Bundesbank’s regular survey on payment and withdrawal behavior. Susann has also been involved in studies on counterfeit recognition.

Guillermo Selva Guillermo Selva

Design Process for the New 2015 Nicaraguan Banknotes

Ejecutivo en Valores I, Dirección Tesorería | Banco Central de Nicaragua

Mr. Guillermo Selva graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering from the National University of Engineering in Nicaragua, and he also holds a Master’s in Business Administration from INCAE Business School.

Mr. Selva has fourteen years’ experience in the Department of Treasury of the Central Bank of Nicaragua where he serves as Executive of Securities. Since 2009 he has been in charge of projects overseeing the distribution of cash and coins made by the central bank and other topics related to cash management.

Hugues Souparis Hugues Souparis

From Science to Confidence

Chairman & CEO | SURYS

Hugues Souparis is the founder and CEO of SURYS ( formely Hologram.Industries). He holds a degree in engineering from the Ecole Centrale de Marseille. While studying, he created his first company specialized in technological promotional items, Kréops. From 1981 to 1983, he launched Media-Laser, his second company, and produced advertising holograms. He also held a leading position in the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris, an interactive museum of science and industry.

In 1984, he created Hologram. Industries Company, to which he devoted himself entirely. At the beginning, he developed holographic imaging techniques and in 1989 he diversified his activity with security holograms. In 1998, Hologram. Industries is publicly listed on Euronext and its technology is selected by the ECB (European Central Bank) for Euro banknote origination. Since then, the company has become the world leader in optical security of identity documents. In 2012, Hugues Souparis is awarded the «Prix de l’Audace Créatrice» by the French President, François Hollande to recognizes this successful story, and in recognition of the Group growth and profitability. In 2015, Hugues Souparis renewed the image of Hologram. Industries and changed its name to SURYS, that better reflects the company values: innovation, sureness and confidence.

Ilan Steiner Ilan Steiner

PANELIST: A Balancing Act—Pushing the Technology Envelope while Maintaining Manufacturability

Director of Currency Department | Bank of Israel

Ilan Steiner was appointed in January 2014 by the Governor of the Bank of Israel as Director of the Currency Department and member of the Bank's management. Reporting to the Director General of the Bank, he is responsible for all aspects of the Bank of Israel's currency function. Dr. Steiner previously held various positions within the Israel Antitrust Authority. He joined the legal department of the Antitrust Authority in 2002. Beginning in 2007, he served as senior advisor to the Head of the Antitrust Authority and Director of external relations. In 2011 he was chosen as Senior Deputy Director General. Dr. Steiner holds a PhD degree in Law and a graduate degree in Law and Economics from the University of Haifa.

Kaza Sudhakar Kaza Sudhakar

Introduction of New Designs and Security Features in Indian Bank Notes - Evalutaion and Indigenisation

Managing Director | Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran (P) Limited

Mr. Kaza Sudhakar is the Managing Director of Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran (P) Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Reserve bank of India. The company manages 2 Banknote facilities one at Mysore in Karnataka and the other at Salboni in West Bengal with a current installed capacity of about 16 billion note pieces per year on a 2-shift basis and poised to grow significantly in both qualitative and quantitative terms. He is the whole time Chief Executive of the Company also serving as a member of the Company Board. As a Managing Director, he represents the Company in various High Level Committees for policy making related to designs, security features, manufacturing and supply of Indian Banknotes.

Born in 1957, he is a MBA graduate, Senior Executive Fellow of Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University, USA with a Certificate of Recognition from College of Business Administration, University of Cincinnati, USA. He is also a certified associate of Indian Institute of Bankers.

In a 32 year career-span in Reserve Bank of India, he has worked in various capacities such as Principal Chief General Manager, Chief Vigilance Officer, Regional Director etc. responsible for diverse functions and departments of the Central Bank. He was a member on the Board in State Bank of Hyderabad, Jammu and Kashmir Bank Ltd and Board of Studies for Management of the Osmania University. He was associated in successful implementation of several large payment system projects in India like Cheque truncation, National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) etc. He has several publications in Payments systems area.

Frank van der Horst Frank van der Horst

Does Banknote Quality Affect Counterfeit Detection?

Cash and Payments Division | De Nederlandsche Bank

Frank van der Horst is working partly as a researcher and partly as a policy advisor at the Cash Policy Department of De Nederlandsche Bank since 2010. Topics that Frank primarily is engaged in are: public perception research, counterfeit banknotes, recirculation framework and banknotes issuing.

Before 2010 Frank worked at the Human Resources Department advising about collective labor agreements, social plans and pension schemes. In 1994 he graduated in Social Psychology at the University of Amsterdam.

Jos van Leeuwen Jos van Leeuwen

"Expect the Unexpected" - The Story of How Cooperation Drives Innovation in Banknote Design, Production, Usage and Destruction

Managing Director | Royal Joh. Enschedé

Jos van Leeuwen (1965) is Managing Director of Royal Joh. Enschedé, the Netherlands. In this position he is responsible for all commercial and operational activities, as well as business development and innovation. Jos has an education in Business Administration at both the Erasmus University Rotterdam as well as the University of Berkeley, California. Before joining Royal Joh. Enschedé in 2014, he has worked in various Management positions at many different companies in the Telecom, Media and IT industry.

Richard Wall Richard Wall

PANELIST: Central Bank Round Table Discussion: Insights of Challenges, Opportunities, Views and Perspectives

Chief of Currency Department | Bank of Canada

Richard Wall was appointed Chief of the Currency Department in March 2013. Reporting to the Senior Deputy Governor, he is responsible for all aspects of the Bank of Canada’s Currency function, including the issuance of the polymer bank note series. Born in Montréal, Mr. Wall has a Bachelor of Architecture degree and a Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree, both from McGill University. He is a member of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. Mr. Wall joined the Bank in 1990 and has held various positions within the departments of Corporate Services and Currency. He was previously Director of Currency Operations, responsible for banknote production and distribution.

Lydia Yip Lydia Yip

PANELIST: Central Bank Round Table Discussion: Insights of Challenges, Opportunities, Views and Perspectives

Head of Currency Division | Hong Kong Monetary Authority

Ms. Lydia Yip was appointed to the current post of Head of Currency Division in 2002. During the 13 years of busy note issuance schedule, she has masterminded 2 banknotes series for the three commercial note banks each with 15 designs, 2 designs of Hong Kong Government $10 note in paper and polymer, and 4 very successful commemorative notes which raised a total of USD100 million for local charity projects. Before joining the HKMA, Ms Yip worked in the treasury operation and private banking services of the Standard Chartered Bank and Citibank.