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Presenter Biographies

Michael Andersen

Head of Note Issue, Reserve Bank of Australia

Michael Andersen has worked at the Reserve Bank of Australia for more than 30 years in a variety of departments including Economic Analysis, Economic Research, International and Domestic Markets. Michael has been Head of Note Issue for 11 years, where he has overseen the transformation of the department and the introduction of the new banknote series.

Alejandro Alegre

General Director of Currency Issuance & Main Cashier, Banco de México

Mr. Alejandro Alegre, 52, is a lawyer and worked for 14 years at Civilian Intelligence Services in México. He was General Director of the Planning Center for Drug Control, the Intelligence Agency of the Office of the Mexican Attorney General, as well as General Director of the National Security Intelligence Center (CISEN).

Since 2001 he has worked at the Bank of México, where he has been Advisor to the Board of Governors, Security Director, and General Director of Planning and Budget. He is now General Director of Currency Issuance and Main Cashier.

Mike Bielamowicz

Executive Vice President, Global Solutions, Glory

Mike Bielamowicz is Executive Vice President, Global Solutions at Glory Global Solutions, and a member of the Main Board and Executive Committee, responsible for guiding Glory’s technology roadmap and creating product and software solutions that deliver real, measurable value. He leads a 1,300-member global Customer Services team. In his 20 years with the company, Mike has served in various leadership roles in North America and globally.

Jan Binnekamp

Head of Cash Policy Department, De Nederlandsche Bank

Jan Binnekamp (born 1955) studied Sociology in Amsterdam. In 1981, after obtaining his Bachelor’s degree, he started working in the Human Resources Department of De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB). During his years in human resources he performed various tasks, including the development of a new system for job classification, remuneration and staff appraisal. In 1995 he was transferred to the Cash Payments Division. First, he worked as a project leader in the process of reduction of DNB’s branch network. In 1998 he was appointed Deputy Director of the Currency Department. In that capacity he was responsible for setting up the internal organisation for the Euro changeover and managing the DNB’s logistic operations in this process. In 2002 he was appointed Head of the Cash Operations Department. His main focus was the total redesign of the operational processes in the Cash Payments Division, including logistical and (ICT-) technical equipment. Since 2008 he has been Head of the Cash Policy Department.

Anikó Bódi-Schubert

Head of Cash Issuance and Strategic Management Division, Magyar Nemzeti Bank

Anikó Bódi-Schubert joined the Cash Logistics Directorate of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank in 2008. She has been the Head of Cash Issuance and Strategic Management Division since 2013. In her current position she is responsible for strategic management issues in banknote and coin production and handling, as well as the legal framework and the stakeholder management of the Hungarian cash cycle. She holds a Master’s and PhD degree in Management and Business Administration from Corvinus University of Budapest. 

Roland Costa

Senior Vice President, Federal Reserve System Currency Technology Office and Cash Product Office

Roland Costa is Senior Vice President with the Federal Reserve System’s Currency Technology Office (CTO) and the Cash Product Office (CPO). He leads the Next Generation currency processing program for the CTO, which supports the cash processing operations of the Reserve Banks, the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, and the U.S. Secret Service.

A native of Brooklyn, New York, Mr. Costa has more than 30 years of experience managing complex technical programs in IT and the currency processing industry. He has also been actively involved in developing and supporting industry standards for currency processing central bank features.

Mr. Costa joined the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond's Computer Planning department as a lead software systems manager in 1984 and transferred to the Bank's Business Application Services department as a systems analysis and programming senior manager in 1989.

Mr. Costa joined the Federal Reserve System’s Currency Technology Office (housed at the Richmond Fed) as a Currency Systems Senior Project Manager in 1997. He was named Currency Technology Officer in 1998, Assistant Vice President in 2000, Vice President in 2002 and Senior Vice President in 2010. Mr. Costa also served as Chief Technology Officer over High Speed Currency Technology and Sensor Initiatives for the CTO beginning in 2003, before assuming leadership for the CTO’s Next Generation program in 2016.

Fabrice Capiez

Counterfeits Unit Manager, Banque de France

Fabrice Capiez is the Counterfeits Unit Manager at Banque de France, where he began service in 2012 as R&D Project Manager in the Banknote Manufacturing Department.

Mr. Capiez was born in 1980 and graduated with a Master’s Degree from the French Engineering School of Papermaking and Printing (PAGORA). Fabrice worked for three years in Japan, conducting research and development projects in color management and offset printing standardization at Toppan Printing Co. He then joined Electronics For Imaging for six years, where his work involved support and training on wide format digital presses and RIP software.

Victoria Cleland

Chief Cashier, Bank of England

Victoria Cleland is Chief Cashier at the Bank of England. As well as having responsibility for all of the Bank’s involvement in banknotes (from design to distribution), she leads the Bank’s work on digital currencies. Victoria has a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford and an MBA from Imperial College London. Her career has been based at the Bank of England, covering a range of roles including: oversight of payment and settlement systems, financing of small businesses, graduate recruitment, Private Secretary to the Deputy Governor and immediately prior to heading the Notes area, Deputy Head of the Special Resolution Unit. Victoria is the Executive Sponsor of the Bank’s Disability Network and a Vice President of the Royal Society for Blind Children.

Tim Driscoll

Vice President & General Manager, Currency & Tax Stamp, Authentix

Tim Driscoll joined Authentix in 2005 and has been involved in the design, development, and implementation of banknote machine readable feature platforms for the past 20 years. During this time he has developed banknote security features based on advanced optical materials as well as the accompanying high speed and quality control sensors. Tim received a Ph.D. in Physics from Brown University, a B.S. in Physics from Rensselaer, and is an IACA board member.

In his present role, Tim manages the Authentix Currency and Tax Stamp business unit. Authentix works with Central Banks and industry partners to define best of breed machine readable feature solutions which provided enhanced security and performance while maintaining low total cost of ownership.

Dr. Scott Haubrich

Research & Development Director at STA Technologies / SICPA

Upon completing his PhD in inorganic/organometallic chemistry at Indiana University in 1995, Dr. Haubrich commenced his 20 years of career of industrial development at Clorox Services Company, Kovio Inc, Hewlett-Packard Company and Cabot Corporation.

In 2006, he took up the position of R&D Manager at Cabot Security Materials Inc (CSMI), where he directed the research efforts for developing new security materials dedicated to industrial applications.
With the acquisition by SICPA in 2014, CSMI became STA Technologies Inc., specializing in the domain of material-based technologies dedicated to high-security printing and document security. 
Dr. Haubrich leads the R&D activities as Research & Development Director at STA Technologies.

Brian Hayr

Head of PolyTeQ, CCL Secure

Brian Hayr was appointed Head of the PolyTeQ team in May 2016. Prior to joining CCL Secure (Innovia Security at the time), Brian was part of the Executive Team at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ), where he led the Currency, Property and Security division for three years. Whilst in this role, Brian also spearheaded the banknote series upgrade ‘Brighter Money’ on Guardian™ polymer, which was successfully launched in 2015 by the Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key. This series won the prestigious ‘Banknote of the Year’ award assessed on artistic merit, superior design, technical sophistication and innovative security features.

Before his time at RBNZ, Brian held various senior leadership roles in the commercial banking sector. As Chief Operating Officer Retail at Westpac New Zealand, Brian was responsible for ATMs, cash and a major branch transformation which involved the deployment of “Smart ATM” technology. He also served as a Director on the Board of Paymark NZ, a company jointly owned by four major banks which manage the majority of New Zealand’s electronic transactions.

Rob Hermkens

Sales Manager, SPGPrints (Dutch Currency Association)

Rob Hermkens has worked as Sales Manager for SPGPrints for almost three years, with a focus on the global security printing market and, more specifically, banknote printing. Throughout his career, Rob has grown to be a seasoned business development and sales manager in predominantly technical environments such as photovoltaic energy, precision joining technologies and printing technologies. Rob was born near Eindhoven in the Netherlands and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Commercial Economics.

Christian Juettner

Group VP, Head of Business Line Management, Currency Management Solutions, G+D Currency Technology

Christian Juettner is currently Head of Business Line Management for the Currency Management Solutions Division of G+D Currency Technology, headquartered in Munich, Germany. He also serves as a Member of the Supervisory Board of CiTech Sensors AG in Switzerland.

Prior to joining the banknote business in 2013, Mr. Juettner was responsible for Global Sales & Marketing for the Telecommunications Division at Giesecke & Devrient (G&D).

Until 2009 he served as Group VP, Cards & New Business, for G&D’s U.S. Cards and Services Business Unit, based in the technology corridor of Northern Virginia. He was responsible for overseeing the Telecom, Banking & New Business Divisions of G&D in North America.

Before coming to the U.S. in 2006, Mr. Juettner served as Vice President of Strategic Marketing for the international cards business of G&D. He also headed Product Marketing for the global Payment and Government divisions.

Prior to joining G&D in 1998, Mr. Juettner worked for Siemens Semiconductors (today: Infineon Technologies) as a Director of International Projects in the smart card business.

Christian Juettner holds a Master’s degree in Business and Engineering from the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany.

Michael Lambert

Associate Director, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Michael Lambert is an Associate Director at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System with responsibility for issuing the nation’s currency. Michael has direct responsibility for the Currency Education Program, Banknote Issuance and Cash Operations, Banknote Planning and Quality Assurance programs, and participates in an interagency committee to make design recommendations to the Secretary of the Treasury. Michael also oversees the provision of cash operations activities at the Federal Reserve Banks. He is a permanent member of the Executive Committee of the Central Bank Counterfeit Deterrence Group, and an Executive Committee member of the Four Nations and the Reproduction Research Center.

Dr. Ünige A. Laskay

Dr. Laskay obtained her PhD degree from Ohio University based on her work in mass spectrometry instrument development. Her postdoctoral experience at the University of Arizona focused on the application of mass spectrometry techniques for proteomics approach in biodefense, followed by the advanced studies on the application of novel proteolytic enzymes for the analysis of therapeutic antibodies at École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland.

Since joining SICPA in 2014, Dr. Laskay has been in charge of the SICPA Forensic and Chemical Service as analytical chemist. She is involved in high-security tagging development for banknotes and other security-related segments, and spearheads the analysis of counterfeits and stained banknotes in liaison with police laboratories, Interpol, and Central Banks.

Lior Lichtman

Head of Issuance Division, Currency Department, Bank of Israel

Lior Lichtman joined the Bank of Israel (BOI) in 1995 and is currently Head of Issuance Division in the BOI Currency Department. Since 2007, Mr. Lichtman has been responsible for the issuance of banknotes, coins and commemorative coins at BOI. During these years, the Issuance Division of the Currency Department has introduced a new NIS2 circulation coin, a new NIS20 polymer note and has won important prizes for its commemorative coins, including the “2012 Coin of The Year Award.”

More recently, Mr. Lichtman has also headed Israel’s New Series of Banknotes project, accomplishing the successful launch of all four denominations (NIS20, NIS50, NIS100 and NIS200). The new series of banknotes was internationally recognized and rewarded for the high standards of security, innovation and accessibility it presents. During his first 12 years at the bank, Mr. Lichtman served as an Economist for the Banking Supervision Department, holding a first and second degree in Business Administration.

S K Maheshwari

Managing Director, Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran (P) Limited (BRBNMPL)

Mr. S K Maheshwari is the Managing Director of Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran (P) Limited (BRBNMPL), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of India since June 1, 2017. He is the Chief Executive of the Company and in that capacity also serves as a member of the Company’s Board. Born in 1957, Mr. Maheshwari is a career central banker who spent 35 years at the Reserve Bank of India before joining BRBNMPL.

Peter Muehlfelder

Head of Business Area Security, Managing Director OVD Kinegram AG

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Robert Morrow

Senior Analyst of World Currency Technologies, Crane Payments

Robert Morrow is currently Senior Analyst of World Currency Technologies for all Crane Payment Innovations. Previously, Robert was Research Engineer for Currency Intelligence at MEI and Lead Engineer for the Peripherals Group at International Gaming Technology, integrating cash processing devices into casino gaming machines.

From 1996 to 2003 he was a Senior Engineering Technician with ARDAC and Money Controls, developing currency sensing technologies and interfaces for OEM products. Robert has a Electronics degree from the Willoughby Technical Center, an Arts degree from Lakeland College in Ohio, and in 1996 graduated from Ohio Basic Police Academy.

Nick Pearson

Technical Product Marketing Manager, Crane Currency

Nick Pearson is the Technical Product Marketing Manager at Crane Currency and works in the Security Technologies Group. He is involved in all areas of the company’s R&D work and specialises in banknote durability and in counterfeit resilience – fields he has been working in for the past sixteen years.

Before joining Crane, Nick worked for seven years as a Senior Technical Expert for the Bank of England in their Notes Quality & Research team, developing and assessing new security features for UK banknotes. Prior to that he worked as a Senior Project Scientist in De La Rue’s R&D team at Overton.

Doug Pertz

President and Chief Executive Officer, The Brink’s Company

Douglas (Doug) A. Pertz is the President and Chief Executive Officer and a director of The Brink’s Company and has served in these roles since June 2016. He has led several global companies as CEO over the past 20 years and throughout his career has guided multinational organizations through both operational turnaround and growth acceleration. Most recently, he was President and Chief Executive Officer of Recall Holdings Limited (a global provider of digital and physical information management and security services), having led the company from its initial public offering in 2013 through the successful negotiation of its sale to Iron Mountain in 2016.

Prior to joining Recall, Mr. Pertz served from 2011 to 2013 as a partner with Bolder Capital, LLC (a private equity firm specializing in acquisitions and investments in middle market companies). He also served as CEO at IMC Global (the predecessor company to The Mosaic Company), Culligan Water Technologies and Clipper Windpower, and as Group Executive and Corporate Vice President at Danaher Corporation. In these roles, Mr. Pertz honed his operational expertise in branch and route-based logistics, business-to-business services and growth through acquisition.

He holds a degree in mechanical engineering from Purdue University, Indiana.

Gary Power

Head of R&D and a Director of CCL Secure and Innovia Films Australia

Gary Power Gary Power joined CCL Secure as Head of R&D in 1999. Before this current role, he enjoyed ten years at UCB Films starting as Coating Development Chemist. During that period he progressed to become the R&D manager of UCB Films and a Director of the Australian operation. He was responsible for the development of new coatings and new processes, as well as the continuing evolution of the bubble process. He took on the role of Chief Scientist in his last two years with the firm. He has been part of polymer banknote development since 1992 and was a founding member of the organisation.

While at CCL Secure, Gary has grown the R&D process and team there and engineered many of the processes used in producing the security features associated with the technology. He is the co-author of numerous academic papers and the author and inventor of many published patents. This includes research in polymers, liquid crystal devices, diffractive structures, diffractive optical projection, manufacturing processes and optical inks. He is currently Head of R&D and a Director of CCL Secure and Innovia Films Australia. Gary holds a BSc in Biochemistry/Applied Chemistry.

Ton Roos

Director Banknotes, European Central Bank

Ton Roos has been the Director Banknotes at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt since November 2008. Before that he was the Head of the Cash Policy Department at De Nederlandsche Bank in Amsterdam since 2002 and the Deputy-Head of the Currency Policy Department from 1999. Between 1994 and 1999 he was Plant & Technology Manager at a subsidiary company of Akzo Nobel. From 1984 until 1994 he held various R&D and management positions at Akzo Nobel.

Mr. Roos has been the Chairman of the Banknote Committee (BANCO) of the European System of Central Banks since December 2008 and was a member of BANCO between 1999 and 2008. In 2012 he was appointed as member of the Executive Committee of the Central Bank Counterfeit Deterrence Group (CBCDG). He holds a PhD in solid state chemistry.

Hugues Souparis

President & Founder, SURYS

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Stephen Surko

Chief, Office of Technology Development at Bureau of Engraving and Printing

Biography to Come

Andreas Vrabl

Head of Center for Vision, Automation & Control, Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT)

Andreas Vrabl is the Head of Center for Vision, Automation & Control at the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT). He started his career in 1989 at the Research Center Seibersdorf, a predecessor of AIT, as a scientist in the field of image processing. His main focus was on the research of quality inspection technologies based on vision sensors and the main field of application was banknote quality inspection.

In 1994, together with his team, Andreas presented the first operating single note quality inspection system for high-speed sorting machines. This system was developed for the Austrian National Bank and in 1995 Austria was the first country with a 100% inline quality inspection in its state printwork. The so-called “ABCS Austrian Banknote Checking System” was the basis for most of the systems used worldwide in banknote printworks.

After a number of years as a software developer, system architect, project leader and key account manager, Andreas transitioned to management responsibilities. He became the head of the business unit, High-Performance Image Processing, a group of 25 scientists and engineers and the center of AIT’s banknote activities. Finally, beginning in 2017, Andreas became the head of the Center for Vision, Automation & Control. In this position he is responsible for three business units, including the High-Performance Image Processing unit. A total of 65 people in the Center engage in research on quality inspection, 3-D vision technologies for assistive and autonomous systems and the automation of production processes. New approaches for vision sensors, sensor fusion, machine learning, data analytics, modelling and optimization are explored for AIT’s partners and customers in a large field of applications, and of course some of them with a strong footprint in the banknote business. A highlight of the Center’s research activities is its strong engagement in the CDI2 project and the xposure-camera. This worldwide fasted color-line-scan-camera allows banknote inspection with a resolution of 50 micron at a transport speed of 10 m/sec, which is a world record.

Andreas holds a Diplom-Ingenieur degree in Computer Science (Informatics) from the University of Technology Vienna, as well as a Master of Advanced Study degree in Communications and Management Development and Master of Science degree in Communications from Danube University Krems.

Richard Wall

Chief of Currency Department, Bank of Canada

Richard Wall was appointed Chief of the Currency Department in March 2013. He is responsible for all aspects of the Bank of Canada’s Currency function, including policy development, research, note design, production issuance and circulation management.  Mr. Wall joined the Bank in 1990 as Program Manager for the construction of the cash operations centers in Montreal and Toronto and was previously Director of Currency Operations, responsible for banknote production and distribution.