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The support of our sponsors illustrates the strong endorsement of the leading industry suppliers for this important event. The setting for Banknote 2018 allows for robust, relevant dialogue between these leading industry suppliers and government representatives. These connections made at Banknote 2018 will be critical to the discussions of the present and future of currency design, production, issue and usage.

We appreciate, as always, our sponsors' support in bringing you this dynamic conference.

If you are interested in joining our sponsor group, please contact Robynn Hyde at for more details.

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Primary Sponsors

AuthentixArjowiggins Security »

Arjowiggins Security is a recognised expert in the currency industry, with more than two centuries of experience in designing and manufacturing banknote paper.

Our mission is to enable central banks to maintain public confidence in their currency. We strive to offer to central banks state-of-the-art paper that will meet their needs with the highest standards of security, quality and durability.

Technological innovation is a priority for us. The expertise of a dedicated research center and the know-how of our papermakers allow us to propose a wide range of products, from high durability substrates and innovative watermarked papers to security features such as threads that integrate the latest technologies in optics and security.

Arjowiggins Security is the trusted partner of over 140 countries.

For more information, please visit:

AuthentixAuthentix® »

Authentix® enables brand owners and governments to build market confidence and maximize revenue by authenticating products to combat counterfeiting, protect brand equity and assure program integrity. We serve clients in the oil and gas, currency, tax stamp, and branded product markets with leading product authentication solutions wrapped in robust programs to deliver meaningful business outcomes that contribute to our client’s success. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas USA, Authentix has offices in the US, UK and Africa serving clients worldwide.

For more information visit:

Bundesdruckerei GmbHBundesdruckerei GmbH »

Berlin-based Bundesdruckerei GmbH offers Full ID | Management with system solutions and services for secure identification in both the analogue and digital world and is one of the world's leading companies operating in this field. Its portfolio ranges from data capture, management and encryption to the production of documents and verification devices right through to electronic border control solutions, software for high-security infrastructures, as well as complete passport and ID card systems. D-TRUST, Bundesdruckerei's accredited trust service provider, is one of the few companies in Germany to offer sector-spanning solutions for qualified certificates, time stamps, authorisation certificates and eID services for the German ID card. Bundesdruckerei also produces banknotes, postage and revenue stamps as well as electronic publications. With its subsidiaries D-TRUST GmbH, Maurer Electronics GmbH, genua gmbh and iNCO sp. z o.o., the Bundesdruckerei Group employs a staff of around 2,300 worldwide. In the 2014 financial year, the Group generated revenue of EUR 453 million. Bundesdruckerei holds shares in Veridos GmbH, a supplier of secure identification solutions for foreign governments, DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbH, the world's leading manufacturer of automated fingerprint identification systems with its headquarters in Hamburg, and in cryptovision GmbH which specialises in cryptographic methods. For more information, go to: and

Crane CurrencyCrane Currency »

Crane Currency is a fully integrated banknote designer, printer, paper maker and security feature developer, servicing the international banknote community for over 250 years. Adherence to the highest standards of ethics and operational integrity has been instrumental in the building of long-term business relationships.

Today, security feature technologies, such as MOTION™ and Rapid™, pioneered by Crane Currency can be found in the majority of banknotes in circulation around the world. From the most traditional of cotton substrates to the most advanced Micro-Optic security elements and design, Crane is a responsive partner focused on delivering innovative products and solutions that meet clients' most demanding requirements.

DCADutch Currency Association (DCA)

The Netherlands has a distinguished group of currency industry suppliers who have established the Dutch Currency Association. For many years these Dutch companies have supplied high quality solutions to Central Banks, Banknote and Security Printing Works, Mints and Governments. These companies are: Royal Dutch Mint for high quality minting; Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering for currency disintegration; Royal Joh. Enschedé for banknote printing; SPG Prints for screen technology in the printing process; PNO Global for banknote varnish, coin blanks and consultancy.

The Dutch Currency Association members cooperate as independent entities but share their know-how in the field of commerce, finance, technology and innovation. A synergy that enforces high-end solutions to the world of Central Banks, Security Printing Works, Mints and Governments. In cooperation with the Dutch Government, Dutch Currency Association promotes the high quality of services and products of its members worldwide. Doing business with Dutch Currency Association is a guarantee for a reliable, proven and high quality relation based on an experience of many centuries in the Currency Industry.

Dutch Currency Association participates at international currency, coin and banknote conferences and events but also organises its own regional ‘The life cycle of currency’ seminars on cash management, cash operations and cash production.

For further information on the Dutch Currency Association and its activities you are most welcome to contact us: Member websites:,,,,

Joh Enschede Royal Dutch Mint SPG Prints
PNO Global Royal Kusters Engineering

De La RueDe La Rue »

As the world's largest integrated commercial banknote printer, De La Rue is a trusted partner of governments, central banks, issuing authorities and commercial organisations around the world. The Group has in recent years been involved in the design or production of over 150 national currencies. De La Rue also produces a wide range of security documents including passports, driving licences, authentication labels and tax stamps. In addition, the Group manufactures sophisticated, high speed cash sorting and inspection equipment. De La Rue also offers a range of specialist services and software solutions including government identity schemes, product authentication systems and cash management processing solutions. De La Rue employs approximately 4,000 people worldwide and is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Giesecke & DevrientGiesecke & Devrient »

Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) is a leading global technology provider with its headquarters in Munich, Germany, and 58 subsidiaries, joint ventures, and associated companies in 31 countries across every continent. At the end of 2014, G&D had approximately 11,450 employees and in fiscal 2014 generated total sales of 1.83 billion euros.

G&D’s ethos is based on trust, security, and professional expertise. Innovative, customer-centric products, system solutions, and services make G&D a reliable partner for governments, central banks, security printers, commercial cash center operators, public authorities, and companies.

With its solutions, products, and services the G&D Banknote business unit, together with its wholly owned subsidiary Louisenthal, safeguards the trust in banknotes worldwide. The business unit, comprising the Banknote Solutions and Currency Management Solutions divisions, supports the complete cash cycle, from banknote substrate production, banknote design, and banknote printing to secure processing. G&D supplies over 150 countries around the world with its portfolio. Customers around the world include central and commercial banks, banknote print works, cash-in-transit companies, and casinos.

G&D also supplies banks, mobile network operators, public transportation providers, companies, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with end-to-end solutions comprising hardware, software, and services for mobile security applications, especially in telecommunications and electronic payments (Mobile Security business unit). The company also provides governments and public authorities with turnkey end-to-end solutions for highly secure travel documents, ID systems, and healthcare cards, which can be used for conventional identification purposes as well as for authenticating and safeguarding online business transactions (Government Solutions business unit).

Research and development have always been a top priority for G&D. The Group currently has 1,200 developers working on new products and processes, and R&D spending totaled around 120 million euros in fiscal 2014. G&D holds some 7,250 patents and patent applications worldwide.

Innovia SecurityInnovia »

Innovia Security is the supplier of Guardian®, the world's most sophisticated banknote substrate currently issued on 78 denominations in 24 countries. Our organisation is a trusted partner to Central Banks worldwide who use Guardian® polymer substrate to deliver transformational banknote management solutions via dramatically lower counterfeits, greater durability leading to significant cost savings, a cleaner note handling experience, and a 100% recyclable banknote.

The first Guardian® banknote was issued in Australia in 1988. Since then, strong collaborative partnerships with other leading manufacturers and a culture of innovation has enabled Guardian® to deliver outstanding long-term value for client nations.

Innovia Security is a division of Innovia Group, a market-leading supplier of specialist films. Innovia Group consists of three major divisions – Innovia Films, Innovia Systems and Innovia Security. The organisation is focused on exceptional quality and service delivery levels while bringing new and innovative products to the market.

JuraJura »

Jura is a global brand name in the high-security graphic arts trade as a reputed high-tech developer and supplier. Jura offers complete top quality security prepress systems including software and hardware solutions from graphic design to print-ready plate making.

Jura’s design software packages are in function at more than 100 governmental and licensed security printers all over the world. Jura’s patented personalization solutions and unique covert security features are used on several banknotes, passports, ID cards and other security documents of many countries. About 100 high-resolution prepress output devices have been installed and used worldwide, including the state-of-the-art Direct Laser Engraver (DLE®) machine for intaglio platemaking. Jura’s service program includes strong support and versatile assistance in technical, design and software development issues.

Jura is the first company that has been audited and certified as ‘Certified Security Supplier’ worldwide, based on the ISO 9001:2000 quality standard by Intergraf and VPGI. Jura’s activities are managed from two headquarters in Vienna (Austria) and Budapest (Hungary) with support from the office in Bangkok (Thailand).

KBA-NotaSys SAKBA-NotaSys SA »

KBA-NotaSys SA is a global supplier of security printing systems serving the banknote industry. Our core business ranges from design & pre-press activity to design & supply of production machines, systems & process control tools focused on quality, security, workflow & environmental management. Key print groups covered are offset, screen, intaglio, numbering & foil application. Automatic inspection & finishing systems along with support & peripheral services complete the KBA-NotaSys SA business package. Our machines are used in the production of virtually all banknotes in circulation around the world.

KomoriKomori »

Komori Corporation, founded in 1923, is one of the world's largest manufacturers of printing machinery for banknotes, high security print and the commercial printing industry. Komori is a market leader for innovative design and advanced technology, providing equipment that is focused around today's demand for flexibility, quality and productivity.

LEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & Co. KGLEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & Co. KG »

LEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & Co. KG is a 5th generation family-owned company established over 115 years ago. From its beginnings as a gold foil producer it developed into the world’s leading manufacturer of superior hot stamping foils for banknotes.

The KURZ Group, with 4,500 employees, operates eleven manufacturing plants and 24 subsidiaries around the globe. Foils for banknotes are exclusively produced at our ECB-approved high security manufacturing site in Germany. KURZ is at the forefront of innovation for security foils and offers an excellent customer service, from design to delivery. Highest standards are applied and certified for quality and health and safety management throughout the KURZ Group.

OVD Kinegram AG is a member of the KURZ Group based in Zug, Switzerland. OVD Kinegram owns the proprietary KINEGRAM® technology and is responsible for the design and origination of KINEGRAM® security devices. The unique optical features of the KINEGRAM® cannot be achieved with standard holography and provide the highest security against fraud and manipulation. Furthermore, OVD Kinegram is the competence centre for the governmental ID-document market.

KURZ and OVD Kinegram have successfully created foil security devices for more than 280 different banknotes across over 80 countries, in cooperation with all major banknote paper suppliers and printers.

LandQartLandQart »

Landqart AG is the only security paper mill in Switzerland and has a reputation for quality and craftsmanship. Landqart AG is an official supplier of Euro banknote paper, and the sole supplier to the Swiss National Bank. Landqart AG is also an industry leader in innovation with Durasafe®, the new paper – polymer – paper composite banknote substrate. Landqart AG also supplies patented overt and covert features like Irisafe®Micro and Polarisafe®.

OberthurOberthur Fiduciaire »

Oberthur Fiduciaire, founded in 1842, was acquired in 1984 by Jean-Pierre Savare and has since become one of the leading private security printers in the world, now serving 70 countries. Oberthur Fiduciaire is a specialist in the design and production of banknotes, associated security features, and secure documents. 95% of the group’s revenue is generated from exports.


The Oesterreichische Banknoten- und Sicherheitsdruck GmbH has established itself as an international leader in the field of design, pre-press and production of highly sophisticated banknotes, combining innovative security features with contemporary design. The OeBS Design Studio and R&D Department work closely together to make significant contribution to the quality, durability, functionality and economical manufacture of banknotes.

Our product range comprises reliable and highly accurate detectors for analysis of optical high-security features.

In view of the importance of environmental protection as well as for reasons of economy, OeBS technicians have developed and continuously improved the process for the treatment of effluent containing ink from intaglio printing presses known as HIREC®.

Orell Fussli Security Printing Ltdorell füssli security printing ltd »

Founded in 1519, orell füssli security printing ltd is a leading provider of security technologies, security products and solutions for identifications documents and systems, banknotes, and secure documents.

orell füssli security printing ltd began printing securities as early as 1827 and has been supplying banknotes incorporating state-of-the-art security technology to the Swiss National Bank since 1911. Since then, Oorell füssli security printing ltd has continually tested technical innovations and developed unique new techniques and security features

Our in-depth knowledge allows us to offer our customers the full range of products and services, from basic concept to the design and the printing of banknotes.

To respond to the increasing demand for sophisticated security and apply to all business areas the synergies of our vast knowledge and expertise as a high security printer, we constantly strive to be at the competitive edge and provide innovative solutions with a distinctive and unique identity. With its superb infrastructure, orell füssli security printing ltd can fully exploit all security printing technologies either on paper or polymer substrates

Banknotes must meet toughest security standards, and the development, production and issuing of banknotes has become a complex and demanding task. Since we know how to meet these standards in a customized way, we are the ideal partner for such projects.


PARVIS offers a number of systems and services, in particular: ABACO, NUMERO and PROXIMA.

ABACO is a Manufacturing Execution System that controls the operation of equipment in a banknote printing plant; NUMERO is used for typographic numbering control; and the family of systems PROXIMA provides offline accurate control of offset print, intaglio print and substrate features. Together, these systems offer: banknote track & trace, sheet counting and barcoding, materials traceability, printing quality control and operations management.

ABACO MES fills the gap between shop floor and company ERP allowing the direct and bidirectional transfer of data. This is the key to process optimization, from orders to finished banknotes, always keeping people and processes well synchronized.

Security Papers UKSecurity Papers UK »

Leading manufacturers of security features for paper. Our Rainbow Fibres™, Planchettes, Threads and StarLites™ create an intergrated security feature that is highly resistant to counterfeiting and forgery. Please visit our exhibition booth at the conference where we will be pleased to demonstrate the wide range of products we supply.


Every day, governments, companies and millions of people place their confidence in SICPA to protect the integrity and value of their currency, personal identity and consumable goods. In a world of constant technological innovation where any product and document can be counterfeited or tampered with, our customers need more than ever a reliable partner who can provide them with effective security solutions.

With more than 80 years of experience, SICPA is the trusted advisor to central banks for selecting and integrating security features into upgraded and new banknote series. Today we provide security inks and integrated solutions for most of the world's currencies, including the Euro, US Dollar and Swiss Franc.

We also provide security printers with a wide range of security ink solutions and technologies that together with their know-how as well as unique design and printing skills result in counterfeit- and tamper-proof, easy-to-authenticate documents and products.

Hologram. Industries GroupSurys »

SURYS, the new name for Hologram.Industries. HOW DO YOU CREATE CONFIDENCE?

We begin with science: a limitless source of fundamental and incorruptible foundations. We seek new ways to transform scientific breakthroughs into innovative solutions in the service of security. We refine these solutions with our end-user understanding and bring them to life through our engineering and project management and thanks to our long-term relationships with clients and partners. With our integrated factories and engineering teams, we ensure that we can industrially produce or deploy our solutions, safely, on a large scale. At SURYS, to create greater confidence in the identity of people through their documents, the authenticity of banknotes and the traceability of genuine products, we begin with science and manage the journey to confidence for our clients’ success.

From science to confidence.

Supporting Sponsors


Cash Processing Solutions (CPS) is a global provider of an integrated range of hardware and software solutions, consultation and support services, building a bespoke solution that enables our customers to:

Safeguard their REPUTATION

Optimise their EFFICIENCY

Protect their INVESTMENT

Working with 230 customers across 106 countries, CPS provides a range of high-speed cash sorting and authentication systems alongside enterprise cash management software which gives our customers control of cash through its entire lifecycle from issue to circulation, processing to destruction. For banknote printers, our single note inspection machines enable new notes to be quality assured prior to issue. With over forty years of experience, our specialist knowledge of global cash cycle trends and currency management techniques ensure our customers’ solutions are tailored to meet their specific cash processing objectives. Our on-going support and flexible service packages provide truly future-proofed solutions, enabled through our local presence, global knowledge and a proven ability to deliver bespoke requirements. CPS is a strategic partner of De La Rue.

FabrianoFabriano »

With a production capacity of over 200,000 tons, four production plants and approximately 628 employees, Cartiere Miliani Fabriano - spanning a period from the thirteenth century to the present - is a company that is historic yet modern, with characteristics that are unique in the paper industry. The company’s peculiar feature - and its strong point - is its simultaneous production and marketing presence in highly varied sectors and markets. Working exclusively in the field of uncoated wood-free paper, today the company is a powerhouse in the market of office paper, security and banknote paper, drawing paper for students and artists, paperboard for printing and packaging, and paper for special editions. It also has a department that produces paper by hand. The company has become a market leader in many of the sectors in which it works (office paper, drawing paper, security paper). The production of Cartiere Miliani Fabriano focuses on top-quality products, due to its high-tech equipment and production processes.


Gleitsmann Security Inks uniquely positioned to provide high security ink solutions to secure currency. GSI has a proven record of providing inks which are in use in currencies around the world, a demonstrated record of continuous development and technological enhancements, an unblemished record of security, and most importantly, in-depth experience working with international security printers and central banks to customize solutions to meet the unique needs of each currency. Gleitsmann Security Inks is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHS 18001 and GSI has been accredited by the European Central Bank as an ink supplier for printing of Euro banknotes.

Hueck FolienHueck Folien »

HUECK FOLIEN is the respected partner of both central banks and public authorities. As a family-held, independent company HUECK FOLIEN offers tailor-made solutions with the widest range of technologies for high-security features for banknotes and documents. High-security threads, foils and laminates with premium physical and chemical resistance are all entirely developed and produced within one site. HUECK FOLIEN can point to long-term experience in the high-security field. Indeed, the partnership with our customers is based on mutual trust and is conducted in line with stringent, internal directives regarding quality and security guarantees. Numerous intellectual property rights and patents safeguard the company’s solutions worldwide, thus ensuring that high-tech solutions from HUECK FOLIEN secure the products of our customers in an unmistakable and unique manner.

LuminescenceLuminescence »

LUMINESCENCE manufactures high quality, custom-made security inks for banknotes that are extremely difficult to copy or replicate. Still owned by the original founding family, we have grown over the past 28 years to become a producer of inks used to print billions of banknotes globally each year and we offer the very latest in security ink technological development. Our philosophy of supply gives our customers the highest levels of innovation, security, discretion and confidentiality. We will be using our stand in the exhibition area at Banknote to demonstrate our NanoSwitch feature and other new technologies not available from other suppliers. “Inspiring confidence” is in everything we do.


PEC is offering unique products and solutions for end-to-end automation of the Cash Operations in Central Banks. PEC is leveraging the best business practices gathered over many years of experience and combining them with a continuous product innovation. Our solutions include the Cash Management System, Automated vaults, Automated Material Handling, Banknote and Coin Containers, Automated Receiving and Order Preparation. PEC is headquartered in Leuven, Belgium with offices in Germany, Hungary, China, Japan and the United States.

ToshibaToshiba »

Toshiba has over 40 years of experience in providing solutions to cash handling businesses, both for central bank operations and commercial industries. As a world leader in high technology, Toshiba's banknote processing systems offer a highly efficient solution meeting your individual demands.

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VaultexVaultex »

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